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Early Whitmores of Shropshire

 This web page is a series of notes obtained from various sources, written as far as possible in chronological order, and is not meant to be a history story. As well as the early Whitmores of Salop this page contains information on their descendants, who branched out to various parts of the U.K. and world wide. The abbreviation W is used sometimes for Whitmore for others see Abbreviations.

There are conflicts between the International Genealogical Register of The Church of the Latter Day Saints and the local history books of Staffordshire. The IGI indicates that the Whitmores of Shropshire descended from Peter de Botrell b.c. 1135, Whitmore, Staffs. I have not yet been able to find a source in the North Staffordshire libraries which verifies this. Indications in ref 1 are that they were more likely to be descendants of Ricardus Forestarious, who was Tenant in Chief of Whitmore in 1086. The fact that the Whitmores of Shropshire share the same Coat of Arms - "a gold trellis design on a green background" and a Crest of a falcon on the stump of a tree, makes it likely that the Whitmores of Shropshire were descended from the Whitmores of Staffordshire. (For chart of owners of Whitmore Hall, for chart of early Whitmores of Shropshire, and for chart of early Whitmores of Staffordshire see Download. For pictures of Whitmore, Apley, Ludstone and Dudmaston Halls see Pictures).

Extracts from American books (unknown sources):

1. The original family name was de Boterel or Botrel ; the first English record is Peter de Boterel, living in Staffordshire in 12th century. The family soon after this took the name of the locality in which they resided, became known as Whitemere, signifying white mere or lake. This spelling was altered and modified until the present form of the name. Sir John de Whytmere was knighted on the battlefield in 1230 for valorous conduct and received a tract of land entitled Whytemere or white meadows. The English ancestry is traced to De Boteral of Staffordshire, Eng., in 1100. His grandson, Ralph, married Avisa de Whitmore, and his grandson John became Sir John de Whitmore.

2. The family took their name from the manor of Whitmore or Whytemere of Staffordshire, England. This manor was granted by the Conqueror to Ricardus Forestarious, according to the Domesday Book (1086), and he had as tenants Ulfac, Aldwin, Arnulf and Avisa. It is supposed that Avisa was the Saxon owner of the place. Avisa de Whitmore also held lands from the Conqueror in the hundreds of Pirehill, Staffordshire, and Prodford, Salop. The family was originally designated by the name of de Botrel, Botreaux, Boterel, or Boterell, from a Norman estate. The first Duke of Brittany, Godfrey, was of this family.

(I) The Whitmores of Staffordshire, England, were originally termed de Botrel. The name of the father of William de Botrel (1100-35) and his brother, Peter de Botrel is unknown. William had a son William (1158-63).

(II) Peter de Botrel, of Staffordshire, had a son Radulph or Ralph.

(III) Ralph de Botrel, born 1152, died 1171; married twice. His son William by the first wife married Avisa de Whitmore. William (1174) had a son Reginald (1204-16), who had a son named Robert (1238), who had a son Robert (1260). This is not the American line. That descends from the second wife, by her son Ralph de Botrel, and not by Rad Fitz Wetmore (1200-40), an illegitimate son. Rad had a son Will le Burgvyllon (1242-54).

(IV) Ralph de Botrel had a son, Sir John.

3. (V) Sir John de Whitmore married Agnes - (1252-1276), and among his children were three sons : John, Lord of Whitmore, founder of the Caunton line; William, who married Alice Fenners and had a son Philip, founder of the Claverly line; and Ralph.

(VI) John, son of Sir John and Agnes de Whitmore, married Margerie - (1270-1301). He was Lord of Whitmore, and had a son Richard.

(VII) Richard, son of John Lord of Whitmore married Susannah Draycote, daughter of Sir Philip Draycote of Painesley, knight. The children of Richard and Susannah (Draycote) de Whitmore were : Jane, married John Blunt; Mary, married John Gifford; Beatrix, married John Chebwind; Christina, married Richard Flutwood; Philip.

These books do not always agree with either the IGI or the North Staffordshire local history books.

About 1285 William, son of Robert de Whitmore, married Agnes de Haselwell the Heiress of Thurstanton, a Cheshire manor held in capite (terms of an agreement), which was settled in 1316 on their son John, who bore his arms "Vert, fretty or.". The Whitmores of Apley, Salop, descended from John, Lord of Whitmore, living in the reigns of Henry III (r. 1216-1272) and Edward I (r. 1272-1307) bore the same arms, apparently with the sanction of the College of Heralds. (see ref 1).

Lord John de Whytemere (b.c. 1252, d.c. 1300) resided in the Manor of Claverley (5 miles east of Bridgnorth, Salop) in the reigns of Henry III and Edward I . He had issue > Philip de W (b.c. 1275, d.c.1365) who left issue > John de W (b.c. 1300, d.c. 1367) who had issue > John de W (see below) and Richard de W (b.c. 1330, d.c. 1386) who lived at Claverley and also possessed land at Whytemere. Richard m. 1st. Margery da. & hr. of William atte Wall of Claverley (and Agnes da. & hr. of William Malveysin of Claverley) and m. 2nd Sybil ? (d. 1405) from which he left issue William de W (b.c. 1370, v. 1386). From his 1st. m. to Margery, Richard left issue > Richard W (b.c. 1360, d.c. 1390) of Claverley, who had issue > Richard de W (b.c. 1385, d. 1442) m.c. 1407 1st. Joan ? and m.c. 1439 2nd. Isabel ? (v. 1443) from which he had issue Joan W (b. 1440, who m. John Burne) and William W (b. 1441)) Dean of St. Chads Shrewsbury, who in 1474 settled his estates on his nephew Richard. From his 1st. m. to Joan, Richard left issue > Thomas W (b.c. 1420, d.c. 1483) hr. to Claverley estates, who left issue > Richard W (b.c. 1450, d.c 1504), Alice W (who m. Robert Jones) and Thomas W (b.c. 1460, d. 1523) who m. Elizabeth ? (d. 1523) and started a branch at Thornhall, Madeley, Staffs (see Early Whitmores of Staffordshire). Thomas's brother Richard m.c. 1480 Agnes (d. 1522, m. 2nd Thomas Pytt) da. John Gravenor who had issue > Richard, spelling changed from Whytemere to Whitmore (b.c. 1495, d. 1549), of Aston, Hopstone & Claverley who m.c. 1524 Frances Barker, widow of William Barker of Aston, and left issue > William W (see below), Richard W (v. 1549), Humfrey W (v. 1549), Thomas W (started Ludstone branch see below), Edward W (b.c. 1538, d. 1593, held estate at Claveley and land at Hopstone), Joan W (v. 1593, who m. Thomas Lewis of Ludstone), Elsabeth W (v. 1549) and Margaret W (v. 1549).

John de Whytemere (1st. s. John de W) of Claverley (b.c. 1325, d.c. 1395) held lands in Whytemere and Claverley. In 1365 he desired of the Keepers of Morfe Forest to have lands in Kingsmoor, Claverley, which his grandfather Philip held. He also had lands on Whytemere Heath 1357. He had issue Thomas de W (b.c. 1345, d.c. 1400) and John de W (b.c. 1348, held lands at Whytemere Heath in 1361). Thomas m. Christiana ? (who had dwelling house and land in Heathton, Claverley and d. 1403 a widow) and had issue Thomas de W (b.c. 1365) who m. Katherine ? and had issue Richard de W (b.c. 1385, d.c. 1418, m. Alice ? and devised his estates to his brother John) and John de W (b.c. 1390, v. 1409) who m. Agnes ? and had issue John W (b.c. 1410), known as "The Chaplain", who was Dean of St. Mary's, Shrewsbury in 1472 and sold or devised his estates at Whytemere and Heathton so ending the Whytemere/Heathton branch.

William Whitmore (1st s. Richard W & Frances Barker) of London (b.c. 1525, d. 8 Aug 1593) was a merchant who acquired an immense fortune by trading with Spain in fine cloth, being a Freeman of Haberdasher's Company, London. This Company of traders was able to put pressure on Spain and the Pope and delay for more than a year the outfitting of the Great Armada. William was granted a second crest to his coat of arms in recognition of this service. The abundant wealth of this great merchant laid the foundation for the future prospects of this respectable family who, soon after, increased their possessions around their ancient patrimony, as well as in other counties of the Kingdom. William m.c. 1571 Anne (d. 9 Oct 1615) da. William Bond a rich merchant (Alderman of London) and purchased Apley Estates in 1582 from the Lucy family of Charlecote, Warks., who were very powerful in the area of The Marches, the Welsh border country. William and Anne had issue > William (Sir) W (see below), Thomas W (b.c. 1574, d.s.p. 1612), George (Sir) W (see below), Elizabeth W (b.c. 1580, d. ?, m. Sir William Craven, Lord Mayor of London 1610-1618 and had issue), Anne W (b.c. 1582, d. ?, m. Frances Baber of Chute, Wilts.), Margaret W (b.c. 1584, d. 1637, 1st. m. Sir Richard Grubham, Knight, 2nd m. Sir John St. John of Lidyard Tregoze, Wilts.), Mary W (b.c. 1578, d. 1652, m. Sir Charles Montagu, Knight, brother of the 1st. Earl of Manchester and had issue), Frances W (b.c. 1586, d. 1656, m. Sir John Weld, of Arnolds Court, Middx., who d. 1622, and had issue.) and Jane W (b. ?, d. ?, m. Nathaniel Still s. Bishop of Bath).

Thomas Whitmore (4th s. Richard W & Frances Barker) (b.c. 1530, d. 1577, bur. Claverley) 1st. m.c. 1566 Jane Bowdler of Ludstone and had issue > Jane W (b. 18 Mar 1569, who m. Francis Whorwood of Bobbington leaving issue) and Eleanor W (b.c. 1571, who owned Inn House and land in Claverley). Thomas 2nd m. 1572 Agnes ? (d. 1580) and had issue > John W (b.c. 1571, bp. 20 Oct 1572, d. 1649), William W (b.c. 1573, d. 1577, an infant), Elizabeth W (b.c. 1573, bp. 17 Apr 1574) and Jocie W (b. 1577, m. 22 Nov 1601 George Cheese of Bridgnorth). The 1st. s. John, the builder of Ludstone Hall 1610-20, m. 29 May 1597 Francis (d. 1669) da. Wm Billingsley & Avis Townsend of Astley Abbots and had issue > Thomas W (b.c. 1598, bp. 12 Feb 1599, d.s.p. 1677), William W (b.c. 1602, bp. 4 Sep 1603, d.s.p., of Shipley & London), John (Dr.) W (see below), Elizabeth (b.c. 1599, bp. 1600), Joan (b. & d. 1600), Jane (b.c. 1600, bp. 13 Jun 1601), Elizabeth W (b.c. 1604, bp. 8 Dec 1605, m. Wm Duckett of Gray's Inn), Frances W (b.c. 1606, bp. 15 Nov 1607), Joan W (b.c. 1608, bp. 5 May 1609, m. W. Wareham of Whittemore), Mary W (b.c. 1613, bp. 27 Mar 1614, m. John Gopp of Warfield, Worcs), Anne W (b.c. 1623, bp. 25 Apr 1624, m. 16 Nov 1630 Thomas Atkinson of Stanton Lacy, Salop). The 1st son Thomas was educated at Wadham College, Oxford, was Barrister of the Middle Temple, was Recorder of Wenlock and MP, and lived at Ludstone Hall 1649-77. He m. Anne (d. 1678) da. Thomas Corbett of Longmore and, leaving no issue, devised his estates to his nephew John.

There is a Plaque on a wall inside Claverley Church, dedicated to above Thomas W (c.1598-1677):

"THOMAS WHITMORE, of Ludstone, by his will dated the 7th December 1676, gave to the poor of the Parish of Claverley, five Pounds, Yearly for ever to be iffuing and paid out of a tenement and half yard Land in Claverley, which fum of five Pounds, he appointed to be from time to time received by the inhabitants for the time being of his then dwelling houfe in Ludftone, and to be by them diftributed at his faid dwelling houfe in equal moieties, on St Thomas's day, and the Thurfday next before Whitfuntide, to fuch Poor families within the faid parifh of Claverley, as the inhabitants of his faid Houfe fhould think moft reafonable and fitting. The faid tenement and Land has been fold feveral times and is now the property of Mr Willm Caddick who pays the five Pounds per Annum.

Mrs SARAH TAYLOR, by will many years ago left fifty Pounds for the ufe of the Poor of this Parifh, and to be under the management of the Truftees of the Free fchool WHITMORES DONATION: QUEEN ANNE'S BOUNTY. 1724. WILLIAM WHITMORE Esqr of Apley gave the fum of two Hundred Pounds to be laid for the perpetual augmentation of the Curacy of the Parifh Church of Claverley, which with the further fum of two Hundred Pounds advan-ced by the governors of Queen Anne's Bounty, was applied to the purchafe of about forty four acres of Land in the Parifh of Higley, which were duly conveyed to the Revd. Iohn Hill then Curate of Claverley, to hold to him and his fucceffors Curates of the Parifh Church of Claverley for a perpetual augmentation of the faid Curacy."

Dr. John Whitmore D.D. (3rd s. John W & Frances Billingsley) (b.c. 1610, bp. 25 Aug 1611, d. 1666) was educated at Wadham College, Oxford, was Rector of Stockton and m. Anne da. Thomas Martin of Wilcott, Salop. They had issue > John W (b.c 1657, d. 1715), Thomas W (b.c. 1660, d. 1666-Stockton), William W (b.c. 1663, d. 1700, of Shipley), George W (b.c. 1665, d.1699 at Claverley), Anne W (b.c. 1668, m. Samuel Downton of Darleston, Staffs.), Mary W (b.c. 1670, d. 1699-Claverley, m. William Jones of Ludstone). The 1st. s. John succeeded to the Ludstone estate on the death of his uncle Thomas in 1677. He 1st. m. 1668 Margaret (d. 1682 without issue) da. Andrew Lloyd of Aston nr Oswestry, Salop who d. 1682. He 2nd. m. 9 Apr 1683 Sarah (d. 1752) da. Thomas Acton of Gatacre Park and had issue > William W (b.c. 1684, bp. 27 Oct 1685, died young), Thomas W (b.c. 1693, bp. 2 Feb 1694, died in London), John W (b.c. 1695, bp. 10 May 1696, of Shipley, m. Sarah ? ), George W (b.c. 1700, bp. 14 Feb 1701, a chemist in London), Richard W (b.c. 1702, bp. 7 Feb 1703, d. 1727, died in his carriage returning from a visit to Prestwood and buried at Claverley), Frances W (b.c. 1683, bp. 24 Feb 1684, m. 29 Oct 1702-Claverley Thomas Perrot of Bellroughton, Worcs.), Sarah W (b.c. 1685, bp. 24 Oct 1686, m. 1 Jul 1725-Claverley Rev. John Wall), Elizabeth W (b.c. 1687, bp. 19 Jan 1688, m. 29 Oct 1722-Claverley Edward Jellicoe of Brewood, Staffs.), Anne W (b.c. 1688, bp. 18 Apr 1689, m. 1713-Claverley Hattan Windle of Beobridge nr Claverley), Dorothy W (b.c. 1689, bp. 8 May 1690, d.<1717), Katherine W (b.c. 1690, bp. 24 May 1691, d.> 1739 at Shipley, unm.), Mabel W (b.c. 1691, bp. 29 May 1692, m. a Papist), Mary W (b.c. 1697, bp. 13 Mar 1698, d.s.p., 1st. m. Chester Osborne Chapman of Wolverhampton & Tettenhall, 2nd. m. Rev. Leonard Hodgkiss headmaster of the Grammer School, Shrewsbury), Henrietta W (b.c. 1698, bp. 10 Sep 1699, d. 1752-Shipley buried at Claverley), and Jane W (b.c. 1706, bp. 18 May 1707-Clav, d.s.p., m. Clement Acton youngest brother of Edward Acton of Gatacre Park). The 2nd. s. Thomas succeeded to Ludstone estates but he appears to have got into financial difficulties, for in 1730 he was selling land. He sold the estates in 1743 to the senior branch of the family, the Whitmores of Apley. They owned it until 1867 when it was acquired, along with Apley, by Mr. W.O. Foster. For more information on Ludstone Hall contact the Webmaster.

Sir George Whitmore (3rd s. William W & Anne Bond) (b.c. 1576, d. 1654) was carried by sea to Yarmouth with other Aldermen because they would not contribute monies for the defence of the King in Parliament. In a change of government Sir George was made Sheriff of London in 1621 and was Lord Mayor of London 1631-32. Sir George was a staunch Royalist, and entertained King Charles and his Court at Balmes during his (Sir George's) year as Lord Mayor in 1632. He received the unfortunate Monarch again at Balmes in 1641; and he suffered for his loyalty. Balmes House, which is now demolished, being referred to by the poet as "The seat of loyal Whitmore, good old man; Who for his duty to his King, preferred; To pass in prison house his lonesome hours." Sir George had also a country estate, the Manor of Slaughter (originally Sclostre) in Gloucestershire. It was formally Church property, and at the dissolution of the monasteries it came to the Crown. King James l granted it in fee to Sir George Whitmore and it was held by the Whitmores up to the end of the 20th century (it is now an hotel). It was a daughter of that house who married Walter Jones of Chastleton. Lieut.-General Sir William Whitmore, of Slaughter, served with distinction under Wolfe. He m. Mary Copcott (d. 12 Dec 1654) and had issue > William W of Balmes and Elizabeth W. William's son William Whitmore Esq. of Balmes m. Frances Whitmore da. & cohr of Sir Thomas Whitmore (first baronet of Apley, see below). William and Frances died without issue. After the extinction of the branch at Balmes, Hackney their house degenerated into a cake shop under the well known name of "Sir George Whitmore's". Elizabeth W (b. ?, d. c. 1677) m. Sir John Weld, Knight of Willey, Salop and had issue Anne Weld (b. ?, d. ?) who m. Richard Whitmore Esq. of Lower Slaughter (see below). Their descendants became heirs to Sir John Weld on the death of his ggrandson George Forester, who died without issue in 1811. For further information see Whitmore Knights.

Sir William Whitmore (1st s. William W & Anne Bond) (b. 1572, d. 1648) was Knight of London, was H.S. of Salop in 1620 and Whig M.P. for Bridgnorth , Salop in 1621 & 1624-25. First m. 21 Dec 1606 at St. James, Didsbury, Lancashire, Margaret (d. 31 Jan 1608) da. of Rowland Mosley of Houghend, Lancs. Had issue > George W (b. ?, d. ?) who d.s.p. and Anne W (b. ?, d. 1666) who m. Sir Edmund Sawyer (d. 1670) of Heywood, Berks, MP Berwick-on-Tweed and had issue. Sir William's second m. was to Dorothy (d. 1626) da. of John Weld of London and had issue > Thomas (Sir) W (see below), William W - died young, Richard W (b. 21 Jun 1614, d. 20 Aug 1667) of Lower Slaughter, Glos., was H.S. in 1667 and m. Catherine Deards (d. 30 Nov 1673) of London leaving issue Richard W (see below).

Extracts from "The King's Garrisons" - "Sir William Whitmore, knight, was sheriff of the county of Salop in 1620, during which year he was elected a member of parliament for Bridgnorth, of which borough, his successors, the Whitmore's of Apley have most uniformly been representatives. The Whitmores were distinguished for their loyalty and sufferings in the troublesome times of the great rebellion; and amongst the gentlemen who compounded for estates during the Commonwealth, we find Sir Thomas Whitmore of Apley, who paid five thousand pounds. Apley House was besieged by Parliamentary forces, under Sir John Price, when Sir William Whitmore and his son - Sir Francis Oateley - Mr. Owen - Mr. Fowler - Mr. Griffiths, and about sixty soldiers were taken prisoner. The Whitmores were a powerful and tenacious race and are still in the county lower down the river. They represented Bridgnorth in Parliament for two hundred and fifty years, and the local records for centuries bristle with their names. They were land-owners in the neighbourhood long before they purchased Apley. Sir William Whitmore who owned Apley during the Civil War period was owner of the Bridgnorth Castle at the same time." - end of quote.

Sir Thomas Whitmore (1st s. Sir William W & Dorothy Weld) (b. 28 Nov 1612, d. 1653) was educated at Trinity College, Oxford and obtained a B.A. in 1631. He was a Barrister at Bar, Inner Temple in 1639, the first Baronet of Apley (baronetcy created 28 Jun 1641) and M.P. for Bridgnorth 1640-44. He m. 16 Apr 1635 to Elizabeth (d. 1666) da. & hr. of Sir William Acton, Alderman & Lord Mayor London, and had issue > William (Sir) W, Thomas (Sir) W, Anne W (b. ?, d. ?, m. 1650 Sir Francis Lawley, who d. Oct 1696, second Baronet of Spoonhill, Salop, MP Wenlock, and had issue), Elizabeth W (b. ?, d. ?, m. John Bennett of Abdingdon, Cambridgeshire), and Dorothy W (b. ?, d. ?, m. Sir Elias Harvey, Knight of Chigwell, London). Sir William W (b. 8 Apr 1637, d.s.p. 1699) m. c. 1658 Mary (d. 30 Jan 1711) da. Elias Harvey of London. He owned Bridgnorth Castle, was the second Baronet of Apley and M.P. for Bridgnorth 1661-1699. When he died in 1699 without issue, the baronetcy expired and the Apley estates passed to William W of Lower Slaughter (see below). Second son Sir Thomas W (b. ?, d. ?) of Bridgnorth, m. Frances Brooke a lady distinguished by her great beauty, and had issue Frances W (b. ?, d. ?, first m. William Whitmore of Balmes, her cousin (see above); second m. Sir Richard (Roland) Middleton of Chirk Castle, 5 miles N of Oswestry, Salop) and Dorothy W (b. ?, d. ?, m. Jonathon Langley of Abby, Shrewsbury).

Richard Whitmore (1st s. Richard W & Catherine Deards) of Lower Slaughter (12 miles E of Cheltenham, Glos.) (b.c. 1640, d.c. 1694) m. Anne da. Sir John Weld of Willey (5 miles NW of Bridgnorth) and had issue > William W (see below), Richard W (b. ?, d. ?, nothing known) and Anne W (b. ?, d. 1738) who m. Walter Jones of Chastleton (5 miles W of Chipping Norton, Oxen) and had issue Henry. Henry Jones m. Elizabeth Hancock and was succeeded at his death in 1761 by his son Arthur Jones Esq of Chastleton, the last male heir of the Jones family who d. 21 Nov 182? and bequeathed the Chastleton estates to his kinsman John Henry Whitmore (see below) on the condition of his taking the name and arms of Jones.

William Whitmore Esq. (1st s. Richard W & Anne Weld) of Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire (b.c. 1682, d. 24 May 1725) succeeded to the Apley Estates on the death of Sir William Whitmore, the second and last baronet, in 1699. He was on the roll of Freemen 1705 and Whig MP Bridgnorth 1705-10 and 1713-25. William m. 13 Aug 1707 to Elizabeth da. Roger Pope of Wolstanton, another very wealthy family. They had issue > William W (b. 13 Oct 1709, bp. 4 Nov 1709, d. 1710) died in infancy, Elizabeth W (b. 24 Nov 1710, bp. 11 Dec 1710), Thomas (Sir) W (see below), Anne W (b. 27 Feb 1713, bp. 6 Mar 1713), William W (see below), Richard W (b. 7 Oct 1715, bp. 1 Nov 1715, nothing more known), George W (b. 8 Mar 1717, bp 27 Mar 1717, d.s.p. 1775), Charles W (see below), Roger W (b. 28 Jul 1719, bp. Mr. Baylie at Asley Abbotts, nothing more known), John W (see below), Catherine W (b. 9 Oct 1722, bp. 3 Nov 1722), Henry W (see below), Anna Maria W (b. 18 Mar 1725, bp. 25 Mar 1725). All 13 children were baptised at Astley Abbotts Parish Church, near Bridgnorth and close to Apley Park.

Sir Thomas Whitmore (2nd s. William W & Elizabeth Pope) (b. 21 Dec 1710, bp. 9 Jan 1711, d. 15 Apr 1773) was on the Roll of Freemen 2 Jan 1732 and K.B. of Apley 28 May 1744. He was born at Apley, baptised at Astley Abbotts, died at Bath and was buried at Stockton, near Bridgnorth. His will was dated 26 Jul 1771 and proven in Perogative Court of Canterbury. He was Recorder of Bridgnorth from 1741 to his death and in 1748 was Treasurer of the Salop Infirmiry. He m. Anne (d. 1775) da. Sir Jonathan Cope, 1st Bt of Brewern, and had issue > Mary W (b. ?, d. ?, m. her cousin Thomas Whitmore, see below), Anna Sophia W (b. ?, d. ?, m. Anthony Deane) and Elizabeth W. (b. ?, d.s.p. 7 Aug 1795, m. Rev. Charles Edward Holden of Aston, Derbys, as his second wife). Children of Sir Thomas were dau's and so, when Mary married her cousin Thomas, Apley Estates were succeeded by his nephew, who was also his son-in-law.

William Whitmore (3rd s. William W & Elizabeth Pope) (b. 14 May 1714, bp. 3 June 1714, d. 22 July 1771) was on the Roll of Freemen 31 Aug 1733, warden of the Mint in 1766 and M.P. for Bridgnorth. He founded a Regiment of Foot in 1755 which in eventually merged with others to become first Col. of the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry (53rd Regt) and later became a Lt-Gen . He was born at Apley, baptised at Astley Abbotts and died at Lower Slaughter, Gloucs. He m. c. 1750 Jane Webley and had issue > George W of Lower Slaughter (b. c. 1750, d. 19 Nov 1794) who died at Amiens, as a result of sufferings as a prisoner of the French Revolution. George m. 8 Mar 1774 Mary da. John Wall (and Catherine Sandys) and had issue > George (Sir) W of Lower Slaughter (see below) and possibly a dau Mary Hanaway W (b. 25 Aug 1777, d. 2 May 1837) who m. Rev. Joseph Shapland.

Charles Whitmore (6th s. William W & Elizabeth Pope) of Southampton (b. 27 May 1718, bp. by Mr. Baylie at Astley Abbots, d. 1770) was on the Roll of Freemen 11 May 1741, m. Mary Kelly (d. 1799) and had issue > Thomas W (see below), William W (see below), George W (d. 25 Nov 1805) Doctor of Divinity Fellow at St. John's College, Cambridge, Mary W (d. 1828), Katherine W (nothing known), Elizabeth W (m. Launcelot Shadwell and had issue which included Sir Launcelot Shadwell M.P. the last Vice-Chancellor of England), Dorothea W (nothing known).

John Whitmore (8th s. William W & Elizabeth Pope) of London (b. 24 Oct 1720, bp. 10 Nov 1720 Astley Abbots, d. 1791) was on the Roll of Freemen 1741, first m. Sarah Stevens (d. 1748) and leaving issue > Anne W (b. ?, d.1773) and Katherine W (b. 1746, d. 1833). Second m. Elizabeth Henkell (d. 1788) leaving issue > John W (see below) and William W (see below).

Henry Whitmore (Reverend) (9th s. William W & Elizabeth Pope) (b. 8 Oct 1723, bp. 1 Nov 1723 Astley Abbots, d. ?) was on the Roll of Freemen 29 Sep 1741 and Rector of Stockton 1763 (maybe earlier) until not later than 1797, m. 1 May 1761 Penelope Foley (d. 1780) (former wife of Philip Foley and da. of Lord William Paget). Witnesses of the marriage at Stockton were Mary W and Anna Sophia W and the Curate was Daniel Hemus. At the time of her marriage Penelope was living in the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Bridgnorth. By her former marriage to Philip Foley (s. Thomas Foley of Whitley Court) they left issue > Robert Foley who m. Mary Markland left issue > Thomas Foley (Captain R.N.) who m. Mary (da. of Admiral St. Loo) left issue Mary Foley who m. Thomas Whitmore as his second wife (see below).

Thomas Whitmore (1st s. Charles W & Mary Kelly) (b.c. 1743, d. 1795) of Apley was a Major, he inherited the Apley estates through his first wife (see above), MP for Bridgnorth 1771-95, and died in a well in the grounds of Apley Park. First m. Mary Whitmore (d. 1776) his cousin and had issue > Mary Anna W (d. 1844, m. Thomas Whylde Browne of Caughley,Salop, Anna Sophia W (d. ? unm.), Georgina Whitmore (d. ? unm.). Thomas m. second Mary (d. 1817) da. Capt Thomas Foley RN and had issue > Thomas W (see below), Charles Blaney Cavendish W (b. 9 Mar 1787, d. 30 Oct 1856) was M.A. , Reverend, on the Roll of Freemen 1 Nov 1806, Rector of Stockton, nr Bridgnorth and is buried in the family vault at Stockton. Charles m. 1829 Anne Barbara da. Thomas Giffard of Chillington, Staffs., and had issue 3 dau's (nothing more known), and Elizabeth W (b.?) m. Jan 1818 Rev. John Storer M.A., Rector Hawksworth, Notts.

Extracts from an article - "In 1780, Thomas Whitmore commissioned Thomas Turner, the Caughley potter, to design him a new dinner service. Turner had just then moved from Worcester; later he was to gain world fame with his Coalport products. The design used was called the Nankin pattern and although Chinese in origin was the first complete set ever made in England. It eventually became known just as the willow pattern, became very fashionable throughout the country and proved a major step in the Turner success story." - end of quote.

John Whitmore (1st s. John W & Elizabeth Henkell) (b.c. 1750, d. 1826) was on the Roll of Freemen 27 Oct 1777 and M.P. for Bridgnorth 1795-1806. He m. Caroline Williams (d. 1833) leaving surviving issue > John W of London (b. ?, d. 1842) on the Roll of Freemen 25 Jul 1814; m. Mary Stainforth, Edward W (b. ?, d. ?) of London on the Roll of Freemen 31 May 1823; first m. Frances Kensington (d. 1833) and had issue; second m. Elizabeth Davison and had issue, Robert W (b. ?, d. ?) of Lincoln's Inn, London, on the Roll of Freemen 13 June 1826; m. Elizabeth Kaye and had issue, Arthur W (b. ?, d. ?) was on the Roll of Freemen 13 June 1826, Frederick W (b. ?, d. ?) of London was on the Roll of Freemen 8 Jan 1828, (nothing more known about this line).

William Whitmore (2nd s. John W & Elizabeth Henkell ) (b.c. 1752, d. ?) was on the Roll of Freemen 10 Oct 1774, partner in Whitmore, Wells & Co (Maidstone) bankers; m. 25 July 1793 Elizabeth da. Montagu Booth of Upton, London and left issue > William W (b. 1794 - believed to have died young), Elizabeth or Eliza W (b. 1796), George W (b. 1798, bp. St. Stephens, London) was on the Roll of Freemen 18 Dec 1824, James W (b. 1801), Charles W (b. ?), Charlotte (b. ?) m. ? Harrison Esq., Maria W (b. 1803, bp. St. Stephens), Catherine W (b. 1805, bp. St. Stephens), William W (b. ?) of Beckenham, Kent, J.P., on the Roll of Freemen 29 Jan 1822; first m. 18 May 1830 Charlotte (d. 15 Feb 1855) da. George Norman of Bromley Green, Kent; second m. 11 Jul 1866 Francis Maria (d. 18 May 1900) Akers (widow of Rev. Aretas Akers and da. Francis Holles Brandram of Underriver House, Kent), (nothing more known about this line).

William Whitmore (2nd s. Charles W of Southampton & Mary Kelly) (b.c. 1760, d. ?) succeeded in 1774 to the Dudmaston Estates, Salop, at the decease of Lt. Col. Thomas Weld, who inherited the estates from his sister - Lady Wolryche. She was the mother and successor of Sir John Wolryche (4th Baronet) the last male descendant of this family, who was accidently drowned crossing the river Severn on 25 July 1723. William first m. Frances Lyster (d. 1792) and left issue > William Wolryche-Whitmore (see below), Frances W (b. ?, d. 1873) first m. Captain Williams R.N.; second m. Dr Freer of Cheltenham, Mary Dorothea W (b. ?, d. 1872) m. Rev. Francis Laing of The Mythe, Glos. and had issue > Francis Henry W (see below) who succeeded to the Dudmaston Estates, Catherine W (b. ?, d. 1811) m. Maj. Houston, Sophia W (b. ?), Harriet W (b. ?, d. 1868) m. E. Issac of Boughton, Worcestershire and had issue (nothing more known), Louisa W (b. ?, d. 6 Feb 1866) m. Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Ryan (Judge Supreme Court, Calcutta) and had issue (nothing more known), Elizabeth W (b. 1783, d. 20 Feb 1843) m. 3 Aug 1802 Rev. John Wall, Rector of Quatt, nr Bridgnorth and had issue (nothing more known), Anna Maria W (b. ?, d. ?) m. Rev. Carr, Georgiana W (b. ?, d. ?) m. Charles Babbage; William second m. Mary Louisa Thomas (d. 1813) of Lysworny, Glamorgan and had issue > John Henry W (see below), Janetta W (b. ?, d. 1826 - unm.), Eleanora W (b. ?, d. 1888) m. John Fawkes (or Franks) Esq and had issue (nothing more known), Mary Anna W (b. ?, d. 15 May 1886) m. Arundel Sparkes and had issue (nothing more known).

Sir George Whitmore (1st s. Sir George W & Mary Wall) (b. 12 May 1775, d. 2 Apr 1862) of Lower Slaughter, K.C.H. Col.-Comm. in the Royal Engineers. Died at Charlton, Kent (Plumstead). He m. Cordelia da. George Ainslie and had issue > George St. Vincent W (see below), Ainslie Henry W (b. 28 Sep 1800, d. 1 Apr 1843 - nothing more known), Mary Wall W (b. 31 Aug 1802) m. 3 Feb 1827 Nicholas Orlando Walter Tyrell Leroux Nugent, Cordelia Winifreda W (b. 27 Feb 1804, d. 4 Sep 1851) m. 22 Aug 1827 Adm. Hon. Sir Montagu Stopford K.C.B. (s. 3rd Earl of Courtown) and had issue (nothing more known), Emily Harriet Octavia W (b. 24 Nov 1812, d. 5 Nov 1870, unm.), Charles Shapland W (see below), William Lechmere W (see below), Mortimer Robert Sandys W was a Maj.-Gen. (b. 22 Feb 1809, d. 30 Dec 1884, m. 22 Nov 1836 Cecilia Hall da. Adml Hon Henry Byng, at St. Mary's, Portsea, who d. 17 Apr 1900 and had issue Ada Byng W, b. 9 Jan 1838), Francis Locker W (b. 31 Jul 1814, d. 23 Dec 1894, m. 28 Jan 1848 Eliza da. John Ledsam and had issue > Winifred Mary W, b. 1 Jun 1851, d. 27 Oct 1935 unm., and Maud Mildred W, b. 12 May 1862, d. 21 Sep 1944 unm.) was Lt-Gen. in 1st Foot of the Royal Regiment in 1835 and served in Canada and Crimea, and Edmund Augustus (Sir) W (b. 8 Jul 1819, d. 14 Dec 1890 unm.) was K.C.B., Gen. in the Army and served in Crimea, Military Secretary.

Thomas Whitmore (1st s. Thomas W & Mary Foley) (b. 16 Nov 1782, d. 6 Feb 1846) of Apley was J.P., D.L.(Salop), H.S. for Salop (1825), Whig M.P. for Bridgnorth 1806-31 and on the Roll of Freemen 21 Sep 1805. He was recorder of the borough, and lay dean of the royal peculiar, and exempt jurisdiction of the deanery of Bridgnorth. He virtually rebuilt Apley Hall in 1811. He m. 19 Jul 1804 Catherine (d. 20 Aug 1887) da. & hr. Thomas Thomasson of York & Catherine (da. James Grierson) and had issue > Thomas Charlton W (see below), George W (see below), Henry W (see below), Catherine Mary W (b. ?, d. 15 Dec 1873) m. 16 Aug 1832 Francis Viscount Bernard, 3rd Earl of Bandon, D.C.L. (d. 17 Feb 1877), and had issue (nothing more known), Emily Elizabeth W (b. ?, d.s.p. 26 Apr 1900) m. 13 Feb 1855 Lt. Gen. Eardley Nicholas Wilmot of Malvern, Lucy Georgiana W (b. ?, d. 28 Oct 1872) m. 27 Dec 1849 Col. John Forbes of the Coldsream Guards, 2nd s. William Forbes of Callendar, Scotland, and had issue (nothing more known). Catherine Thomasson was a relation of the Charltons of Apley Castle, which was probably the greatest of Telford's country houses. The manor, dating at least to Norman times, was acquired in the early 14th century by Sir Alan of Charlton and it remained in his family's possession for more than six centuries until 1971. The old house, fortified in 1327, was replaced by a new castle in the late 16th century and this was demolished in the 1950's.

William Wolryche-Whitmore (1st s. William W & Frances Lyster) (b. 1787, d. 11 Aug 1858) known as "Wolryche" and was on the Roll of Freemen 20 Jun 1818; m. 29 Jan 1819 Lady Lucy Elizabeth Georgiana Bridgeman (d. 17 Mar 1840). When William died without issue he devised his estates to his nephew Rev. Francis Henry Wolryche-Whitmore (see below).

John Henry Whitmore (1st s. William W & Mary Thomas) (b.c. 1790, d. ?) was on the Roll of Freemen 15 June 1826. He assumed the surname Jones by sign manual dated 14 Mar 1829, on inheriting the Chastleton Estate (see above); m. Dorothy Clutton of Pensax, Worcs. and had issue > John Arthur Jones (b. 10 Oct 1823), succeeded Chastleton estates, William Jones (b. Mar 1826), Mary Elizabeth Jones (b. ?), and Frances Barbara Jones (b. ?).

George St. Vincent Whitmore (1st s. Sir George W & Cordelia Ainslie) (b. 28 Nov 1798, d.v.p. 12 Nov 1851) was a Major in the 85th Regiment of the Royal Engineers. He m. 22 Feb 1827 Isabella Maxwell Stoddart (d. 18 Apr 1885) da. Sir John Stoddart (LLD, Chief Justice of Malta) and Isabella Moncrief (da. Rev. Sir Henry Wellwood Moncrief). The marriage took place in Malta in the presence of John Stoddart, George Whitmore, Henery M. Stoddart, and Mary Ann Stoddart. George & Isabella had issue > Cordelia Nugent W (b. 16 Jan 1828, d. unm.), George Stoddard (Sir) W (see below), Montagu Stopford W (b. 11 Jan 1831, d.s.p. 17 Oct 1880) Captain in Royal Engineers, Mary Moncreiff W (b. 8 May 1833) m. Rev. Thomas Llewelyn Griffith of Ruabon, Denbs., Rector at Deal, Kent, and had issue (nothing more known), Annette Dashwood W (b. 22 July 1834, d. 14 Sep 1835) died in infancy, Henry Ainslie W (b. 20 June 1837, d. 14 Sep 1857 unm.) was Lt. in 47th Regiment, Charles William W (b. 13 Aug 1838, d. 21 Aug 1839) died in infancy, Emily Atkinson W (b. 27 Sep 1840, d. 8 July 1924 unm.), John W (b. 8 Sep 1845, d. 17 May 1904) educated at Merton College, Oxford, was a Judge in the Indian Civil Service, barrister Inner Temple, m. 22 May 1901 Clara (d. 29 Nov 1948) da. Michael Roach and had issue > George Montagu John Llewelyn W (b. 31 Jul 1903, d. 22 Sep 1964) who succeeded to the Lower Slaughter Estates in 1944 on the death of Mrs Eva Whitmore, widow of Edmund Henry W (see below). He was a barrister Inner Temple 1927, a Flight Lt. in the RAFVR 1940-45 and High Sheriff Glos 1956. He m. 5 Jan 1954 Pamela Mary da. Walter London (of Manor House, Lower Slaughter, Gloucs.) and had issue George John Walter W (b. 3 Jan 1955) and Clare Pamela W (b. 9 Sep 1957).

Charles Shapland Whitmore (3rd s. Sir George W & Cordellia Ainslie) (b. 25 Jul 1805, d. 17 May 1877) of Lower Slaughter was J.P. for Gloucester, Q.C., M.A., Recorder Glocs, Bencher at Inner Temple and Judge of County Court (circuit no. 46). He m. 2 Dec 1845 Elizabeth Katherine (d. 11 Feb 1883) da. Lt-Col Robert James Brownrigg (and sister of Sir Robert Brownrigg 2nd Bt.) and had issue > Charles Algernon W (b. 24 Feb 1851, d. 10 Sep 1908 unm.) educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford, 1874 was Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, barrister Inner Temple 1876, MP Chelsea 1886-1906, Alderman LCC, William Walter W (b. 19 May 1853, d. 21 Oct 1925 unm.) was educated at Eton and Brazenose College, Oxford, Edmund Henry W (b. 15 Aug 1858, d.s.p. 23 Feb 1905) educated at Eton, m. 26 Apr 1898 Eva (d. 19 Apr 1944) da. Cdr Sidmouth Stowell Skipworth of Lower Slaughter. When Charles Algeron W died he was succeeded by his brother William W and when he died in 1925 he devised the Lower Slaughter estates to Eva, and on her death in 1944 they passed to George Montagu Llewelyn W (see above).

Thomas Charlton Whitmore (1st s. Thomas W & Catherine Thomasson) (b. 5 Jan 1807, d. 13 Mar 1865) of Apley, was M.P. for Bridgnorth 1832-52 and on the Roll of Freemen 8 Jan 1828. He was involved in extensive legal battles to avoid the encroachment of the railway (now the Severn Valley railway run by volunteers). He m. 11 Apr 1833 Lady Louisa Anne Douglas (d. 31 Aug 1871), da. 5th Marquess of Queensbury, and had issue > Thomas Charles Douglas W (see below), Walter Henry W (b. 21 Aug 1842, d. 19 Aug 1880) was a Captain, died at Brighton and is buried in the family vault at Stockton, Caroline Louisa W (b. ?, d. 29 Jun 1909) m. 24 May 1866 John William Scott of Delgany, Ireland, s. John Scott Q.C., and had issue (nothing more known), Mary Catherine W (b. ?, d. 30 Nov 1898 unm.), Emily Harriet W (b. ?, d.s.p. 16 Oct 1912) m. 24 Oct 1877 Maj.-Gen. William Tweedie, C.S.I. (d. 20 Sep 1914) of Lettrick, Scotland, and had no issue, Louisa Dorothea W (b. ?, d. 11 Oct 1839), Lucy Albinia W (b. ?, d. 8 Jun 1911 unm.), Edith Georgina W (b. ?, d. 23 Aug 1898 unm.), Cecily Elizabeth W (b. ?, d. 17 Oct 1925) m. 14 Jun 1887 Lt.-Col. Duncan Stewart, 92nd Gordon Highlanders (d. 19 Dec 1909), and Evelyn Octavia W (b. ?, d. 14 Nov 1929).

William Lechmere Whitmore (4th s. Sir George W & Cordellia Ainslie) (b. 4 Jul 1807, d. 6 May 1866) m. 17 Oct 1837 Sarah Patience Mee (d. 27 Sep 1890) and had issue > George Ainslie Lechmere Aston W (b. 26 Dec 1841, d. 18 Oct 1878) m. Georgina Long (they had issue Francis W & Constance W), Marian Serena W (b. 22 Mar 1844) m. Arthur Long and had issue, Mortimer Durant W (b. 28 May 1848, d. 29 Aug 1892) was a Maj. in the Royal Engineers and m. 4 Apr 1888 Elizabeth Georgina Mary da. Rev Thomas Llewelyn Griffith , Rector of Deal, Kent, (they had issue > Zarina Mary who was b. 1 Jan 1889 and d. 11 Mar 1977 unm.), and Grace Emily W (b. 17 Jan 1854) m. 21 Nov 1881 Arthur Payne and had issue (nothing more known).

George Whitmore (2nd s. Thomas W & Catherine Thomasson) (b. 13 Aug 1812, d. 20 Sep 1900) was a Reverend and Rector of Stockton, near Bridgnorth. He m. 6 Jan 1848 Sarah da. John Deacon of Mabledon Park, Kent and had issue > Algernon George Bernard W (b. 28 Oct 1849, d. 22 July 1877), Henry Eardley W (b. 26 Apr 1855, d. 22 Feb 1909, m. 16 Apr 1907 Katherine Maud da. John Tayleur of Buntingsdale Hall, Salop), Katherine Mildred Whitmore W (b. ?, d. 25 Oct 1925), Dora Louisa Mary W (b. ?, d. ?), Geraldine Ellen Georgina W (b. ?, d. ?, m. 23 Apr 1895 Percy Robert Kenyon-Slaney and had issue).

Henry Whitmore (3rd s. Thomas W & Catherine Thomasson) of Sunnyside, Coalbrookdale, Salop (b. 13 Oct 1813, d. 1876) was M.P. for Bridgnorth 1852-1870. He was Lord of the Treasury, twice, under the administration of Mr. Disraeli. He was keeper of the Privy Seal to the Prince of Wales, 1850-59, and for some time acted as Whip. He is buried at the family vault at Stockton. He m. 15 Apr 1852 Adelaide Anna (b. 1817, d. 1902) da. & cohr. Francis Darby and Hannah Grant, whose family were Quakers, and had issue (nothing more known). For more info on the Darbys of Coalbrookdale contact Webmaster.

Extracts from an article - "After the Apley Estates were sold to Mr. W. O. Foster in 1867, Henry Whitmore resigned his seat in Parliament, ending a remarkable chapter of English political history. The Whitmores had seen 60 elections; they had fought twenty-two contested elections and only lost one. They had sat with little interruption for almost 250 years; they had survived two Parliamentary Reform Acts; and they had given a new proverb to the English language - 'All of one side like Bridgnorth election!'. Such was the dominance of the Whitmore family ." - end of quote.

Francis Henry Wolryche-Whitmore (Reverend) M.A. of Dudmaston, Salop (1st s. Mary Dorothea W & Rev. Francis Laing) (b. 1820, d. 13 Jul 1908) former rector of Quatt Malvern, Salop and educated at Oxford University. He assumed the surname and arms of Wolryche-W in lieu of his patronymic (name derived from ancestor) by Royal license 1884 when he succeeded to the Dudmaston Estates from his uncle William Wolryche-W; m. Isabella Bazeley (d. 18 Sep 1902) (da. Capt. Henry Bazeley, C.B., R.N.) and had issue > Francis Alexander Wolryche-W (see below), Malcolm W (see below), Henry Bazeley W (see below), and Isabel Louisa W (b. ?, d. 28 Jun 1905) m. 20 May 1875 Robert Melvil Barry Otter-Barry (d. 21 Jan 1917) and had no issue.

Sir George Stoddart Whitmore (1st s. George St. Vincent W & Isabella Stoddart) (b. 30 May 1829, d. 16 Mar 1903) was a Maj.-Gen. in New Zealand Militia and became a prominent man in New Zealand history during the early Maori wars 1861-69. First m. 1851 Eliza McGloking (d.c. 1860) at Boomplaats, South Africa, and had issue > George Stoddart Travers W (see below), William W (see below), Lucy Whitmore W (b. 1853 - Sth Afr). Sir George m. second 11 Mar 1865 Isabella da. William Smith of Roxeth, nr Rugby, Warks, in England and had no issue by this marriage. For more information on Sir George Stoddard W see Whitmore Knights.

Thomas Charles Douglas Whitmore (1st s. Thomas W & Louisa Douglas) of Gumley, Leicestershire (b. 26 May 1839, d. 16 Feb 1907) was educated at Eton, Captain in the Royal House Guards and H.S. of Leics in 1875. He was formerly of the Apley Estates, which he sold in 1867 to be able to provide a London house as well as a house in the fashionable Leicestershire hunting country as stipulated by the mother of his bride. He purchased the Gumley Estates (10 miles SE of Leicester) in 1867. These he later sold when in 1884 he succeeded to the Orsett Estates (3 miles N of Tilbury, Essex) under the will of Capt Digby Hammer Richard Wingfield-Baker of the Royal Horse Guards. He was J.P., D.L. (Leics), and J.P. (Essex). He m. 11 May 1867 Louisa Emily da. Sir William Edmund Cradock-Hartopp 3rd Bt.,and left issue > Francis Henry Douglas Charlton W (see below), Mildred Louisa Lucy W (b. 30 Aug 1868, d. 17 Feb 1931) m. 12 Jun 1800 Hugh Bertie Craven (d. 26 March 1944) of Kirklangley, Derbys, s. John Albert Craven of Whilton Lodge, Northants, and left issue (nothing more known), Ethel Mary Alberta W (b. 3 Sep 1870, d. 17 Feb 1937) m. 20 Jul 1899 Col. Sir William Thomas Reginald Houldsworth 3rd Bt., and left issue (nothing more known).

Extracts from a letter written to the Webmaster by a June Spink of Bridgnorth - "Apley Estate was sold in 12 lots by Auction at Bridgnorth on 12 June 1866, and my ggfather bought two of the lots for 12,500, "Upper" & "Lower" Hampton farms, now known as Hampton House, and Lower Hampton House. The whole estate included an Inn - "The Unicorn", a water mill as well as other farms. Also a shooting lodge which later the our family rented. The whole estate covered 1,316 acres, arable and pasture, and had the advantage of the "new" railway (now the Severn Valley railway run by volunteers) with a "Halt" at Hampton Loade. A convenient way to travel for the family when they stayed at "Woodcock Lodge" for the shooting season. As far as I know ggfather did not live in the Chelmarsh/Hampton Loade area, him being a busy GP. The farms brought in a yearly rent, the whole idea being a way of investing ggMa, Fanny Munday's, "fortune". When the old boy died his sons sold the Hampton estate in 1906. The association with the Whitmores of Apley Park is discovered in two clauses (5 & 6) of the prospectus of 1866, when my ggfa purchased his part. I quote: (5) As all the property comprised in this sale except a garden, orchards of six acres forms part of the ancient family estates of the Whitmores of Apley, and became such prior to the commencement of the present century, and has been enjoyed uninterruptedly by that family since, ..... the titles of the property except the above mentioned messuage ..... shall be noted as follows namely:- a mortgage security for 10,000 dated 10 November 1837, which was made by the late Thos Whitmore as absolute owner, but will be paid off upon the completion of the present sale, and the title to the above excepted portion shall commence with an indenture dated 6th of August 1806. (6) An annual rent charge of 1,200 payable to the widow of the late Thos Whitmore, during her lifetime and also a legacy or sum of 2,000 payable to her, are charged upon the property offered for sale, together with other property of the vendor of much greater value, as he will, if required by any purchaser, execute a deed to be prepared by act the expense of such purchase remain charged with such annual rent-charge and legacy or sum, in connection of the property now offered for sale ....." - end of quote.

Francis Alexander Wolryche-Whitmore (1st s. Francis H. W-W & Isabella Bazeley) (b. 9 Dec 1845, d. 12 Feb 1927) of Dudmaston, Lord of the Manors of Quatt Jarvis & Quatt Malvern, Salop, J.P. of Salop & Cheshire, Lt. Col. and Hon. Col. 3rd Battn. Shropshire Light Infantry); m. 7 Jun 1871 Alice Mary da. Alfred Darby (1807-52) and Rebecca Millar Christy of Coalbrookdale, Salop and left issue > Geoffrey Charlton Wolryche-W (see below), Frances Evelyn Lucy Wolryche-W (b. ?, d. Mar 1948) m. ? Apr 1903 George Blacklock, and Olive Mary Wolryche-W (b. 1878, d. 5 Oct 1951) m. 27 Jun 1906 Hon. Eustace Scott Hamilton-Russell O.B.E.. Olive had issue > (Lady) Rachel Katherine Hamilton-Russell, who m. Sir George Peter Labouchere, KCMG, Ambassador in Brussels & Madrid. For more info on the Darbys contact Webmaster.

Malcolm Whitmore (2nd s. Francis H. W-W & Isabella Bazeley) (b. 13 Aug 1849, d. 8 Dec 1940) m. 17 Nov 1886 Beatrice Alice Conant and having issue > A Son (b. & d. 5 Sep 1887), Philip Malcolm W (b. 8 Dec 1889, d. 1 Aug 1918) served in World War I with R.A.F. and killed in action, and Francis Laing W (b. 22 Mar 1893, d. 18 Sep 1911) accidentally killed in East Africa.

George Stoddard Travers Whitmore (1st s. Sir George W & Eliza McGloking) (b. 1851 - Sth Afr, d. 1920) m. ? ? and had issue > Eliza W, Lucy W, Norah W, Chrissie Elizabeth Payne W (known as Daisy), Georgina W who m. ? Robinson. (nothing more known about this line).

William Whitmore (2nd s. Sir George W & Eliza McGlocking) (b. 1852 - Sth Afr, d. 1930) m. Ellen Jane ? and had issue > George Stoddart W, William Edmund W, James Martin W and Winifred Isobel W (nothing more known about this line).

Henry Bazeley Whitmore (3rd s. Francis H. W-W & Isabella Bazeley) (b. 9 Jun 1856, d. 8 dec 1928) M.A. educated at Oxford University; m. Harriet Douglas Robinson and left issue > Gladys W (b. ?,) m. 26 Jun 1915 Adm. Ronald Arthur Hopwood C.B., R.N. (d. 28 Nov 1949) and had issue two dau's (nothing more known), Hilda Mary Douglas W (b. ?) m. 19 Dec 1914 Maj. George Tristam Van Der Gucht and had issue one son & one dau (nothing more known), Isabella Rose W (b. ?, d. 17 Feb 1920) m. 23 Feb 1916 Capt. George Thomas Hutchinson (d. 17 Jan 1948) and had issue one dau (nothing more known), Frances Syliva W (b. ?, d. 29 Oct 1939) m. 27 Jun 1925 Rev. William Higgin Beauchamp Verburgh(d. 3 Jun 1937) and had no issue, Ursula Margaret W (b. ?, d. ?) m. 3 Jan 1934 Sir Oswald Arthur Scott K.C.M.G., D.S.O. (H.M. Ambassador to Peru from 1951).

 Colonel Sir Francis Henry Douglas Charlton Whitmore (1st s. Thomas W & Louisa Cradock-Hartopp) of Orsett Hall (b. 20 Apr 1872, d. 12 Jun 1962) was created a Baronet on 28 Jun 1954. First m. 28 Jun 1900 Violet Francis Elizabeth Houldsworth (d. 13 Jul 1927). Second m. 1 Oct 1931 Ellis Christense (b. 29 Aug 1904) da. Herr Dir Knud Christian Johnsen of Bergen, Norway and had issue > John Henry Douglas (Sir) W (see below), Anne Catherine W (known as Annikken) (b. 1933) m. 1966 Daniel Jose Emilio O'Connell, Presidente Roca 150, Adrogue, FCGR, Buenos Aires, Argentina and had issue > Lucia Isabel O'Connell (b. 25 May 1967), Patricia Elena O'Connell (b. 4 Feb 1969) and Ana Elisa O'Connell (b. 15 Nov 1970). For more information on Sir Francis Henry Douglas Charlton see Whitmore Knights.

Geoffrey Charlton Wolryche-Whitmore (1st s. Frances W & Alice Darby) (b. 21 Apr 1881, d. ?) first m. 16 Jan 1907 Susan Lethbridge (d. 3 Apr 1907); second m. Augusta Murial Hay (d. 19 Dec 1951) (widow of Capt. Philip Algernon Tillard). On his death Geoffrey passed Dudmaston estates to Lady Rachel Labouchere (see above) with the intention of it being given to the National Trust. This was completed in 1978.

Extracts from an article - "Geoffrey Charlton Wolryche-Whitmore, of Dudmaston, Salop, Lord of the Manors of Quatt Malvern, Salop, Patron of the livings of Quatt and Wolstaston, J.P. (1909), Mayor of Bridgnorth 1914, Joint-Master Wheatland Foxhounds 1928-35, Capt. Shropshire Yeo. (ret.), formerly Lt. 3rd Bn. Shropshire L.I., served in World War I 1914-18; b. 21 Apr 1881, educ. Eton and Magdalen College, Oxford, m. 1stly, 16 Jan 1907, Susan (d. 3 Apr 1907), 5th dau. of late Charles Lethbridge, of Sherfield Manor, Hants, J.P. (see Burke's Peerage, Lethbridge, Bt.). He m. 2ndly, 2 Oct 1919, Augusta Murial Hay (d. 19 Dec 1951), widow of Capt. Philip Algernon Tillard, Shropshire Yeo. (see Tillard of The Holme), and 2nd dau. of late Robert Evelyn Hay Murray (see Burke's Peerage, Athol, D.)" - end of quote.

Sir John Henry Douglas Whitmore (1st s. Francis W & Ellis Johnsen) (b. 16 Oct 1937) of Orsett, Essex and Sevenoaks, Kent. 2nd Baronet, first m. 2 Nov 1962 Ella Gunilla da. Sven A. Hansson, OV, KLH, of Sweden and had issue Tina W (b. 31 Mar 1966), this marriage dissolved in 1969 and second m. 1977 Diana Elaine da. Fred A. Becchetti of California, USA., and had issue Jason W (b. 26 Jan 1983). For more information on Sir John Henry Douglas W see Whitmore Knights and Famous Whitmores.


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1. A book "Collections for a History of Staffordshire", edited by The William Salt Archaeological Society 1909, 1913, 1914 & 1933.


Grateful thanks to the following who helped contribute to this page:

Joyce E. Blanchard, Palmerston North, New Zealand who researched the majority of the Whitmore pedigree. Joyce is descended from Henry Whitmore b. 1802 in Wistow, Leicestershire & Eleanor Matthews b. c. 1813 in London, anyone who knows anything about the ancestors of Henry or Eleanor please contact Webmaster.

John Whitmore of Tenterden, Kent, for sending Mrs Blanchard's information to me.

Keith Smith of Ludstone, for giving me information on Ludstone Hall.

Joan Spink of Bridgnorth, for giving me information on Apley Park.

Randy Whitmore of Illinois, for sending me the American version of early Whitmores.


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