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Location of Registration Districts

First letter of District | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

Note some Districts do not have a town by the same name, see Comments.

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District < 1852 < 1852 District => 1852 => 1852 Old Counties County Now Comments
Aberayron XXVII Aberayron 11b CGN Dyfed Now spelt Aberaeron
Abergavenny XXVI Abergavenny 11a HEF, MON Gwent  
Aberystwyth XXVII Aberystwith 11b CGN Dyfed Spelt Aberystwyth
Abingdon VI Abingdon 2c BRK, OXF Oxford  
Alcester XVI Alcester 6d WAR, WOR Warwick  
Alderbury VIII Alderbury 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Alnwick XXV Alnwick 10b NBL Northumberland  
Alresford VII Alresford 2c HAM Essex  
Alston XXV Alston 10b CUL Cumbria  
Alton VII Alton 2c HAM Hampshire  
Altrincham XIX Altrincham 8a CHS Greater Manchester  
Alverstoke VII Alverstoke 2b HAM Hampshire  
Amersham VI Amersham 3a BKM Buckingham  
Amesbury VIII Amesbury 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Ampthill VI Ampthill 3b BDF Bedford  
Andover VII Andover 2c HAM, WIL Hampshire  
Anglesey XXVII Anglesey 11b AGY Gwynedd Isle of Anglesey
Ashbourne XIX Ashborne 7b DBY, STS Derby Now spelt Ashbourne
Ashby de la Zouch XV Ashby De La Zouch 7a DBY, LEI Leicester  
Ashton under Lyne XX Ashton 8d CHS, LAN Greater Manchester  
Askrigg XXIV Askrigg 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Aston XVI Aston 6d WAR West Midlands  
Atcham XVIII Atcham 6a MGY, SAL Salop  
Atherstone XVI Atherstone 6d, 2b LEI, WAR West Midlands  
Auckland XXIV Auckland 10a DUR Durham Nr Bishop Auckland
Axbridge X Axbridge 5c SOM Somerset  
Axminster X Axminster 5b DEV, DOR Devon  
Aylesbury VI Aylesbury 3a BKM Buckingham  
Aylsham XIII Aylsham 4b NFK Norfolk  
    Aysgarth   NRY North Yorkshire  
Bakewell XIX Bakewell 7b DBY Derby  
Bala XXVII Bala 11b MER Gwynedd  
Banbury XVI Banbury 3a NTH, OXF, WAR Oxford  
Bangor XXVII Bangor 11b AGY, CAE Gwynedd  
Barnet VI Barnet 3a HRT, MDX Greater London  
Barnsley XXII Barnsley 9c WRY South Yorkshire  
Barnstaple X Barnstaple 5b DEV Devon  
    Barrow In Furness 8e LAN Cumbria  
Barrow upon Soar XV Barrow On Soar 7a LEI Leicester  
    Barton On Irwell 8c LAN Greater Manchester Near Stretford
    Barton Regis 6a GLS Gloucester  
Basford XV Basford 7b DBY, NTT Nottingham Near Old Basford
Basingstoke VII Basingstoke 2c BRK, HAM Hampshire  
Bath XI Bath 5c SOM Somerset  
Battle VII Battle 2b SSX East Sussex  
Beaminster VIII Beaminster 5a DOR, SOM Dorset  
Bedale XXIV Bedale 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Bedford VI Bedford 3b BDF Bedford  
Bedminster XI Bedminster 5c SOM Avon Near Yatton
Bedwelty XXVI Bedwelty 11a MON Gwent Now spelt Bedwellty
Belford XXV     DUR, NBL Northumberland  
Bellingham XXV Bellingham 10b NBL Northumberland  
Belper XIX Belper 7b DBY Derby  
Berkhampstead VI Berkhampstead 3a BKM, HRT Hertford  
Bermondsey IV Bermondsey 1d LND Greater London  
Berwick XXV Berwick 10b DUR, NBL Northumberland  
Bethnal Green II Bethnal Green 1c LND Greater London  
Beverley XXIII Beverley 9d ERY Humberside  
Bicester XVI Bicester 3a BKM, OXF Oxford  
Bideford X Bideford 5b DEV Devon  
Biggleswade VI Biggleswade 3b BDF Bedford  
Billericay XII Billericay 4a ESS Essex  
Billesdon XV Billesden 7a LEI Leicester Now spelt Billesdon
Bingham XV Bingham 7b LEI, NTT Nottingham  
    Birkenhead 8a CHS Cheshire  
    Birmingham 6d WAR West Midlands  
    Birmingham N   WAR West Midlands Near Aston
    Birmingham S   WAR West Midlands Near Yardley
Bishop Stortford VI     ESS, HRT Essex  
Blaby XV Blaby 7a LEI Leicester  
Blackburn XXI Blackburn 8e LAN Lancashire  
Blandford VIII Blandford 5a DOR Dorset  
Blean V Blean 2a KEN Kent  
Blofield XIII Blofield 4b NFK Norfolk  
Blything XIII Blything 4a SFK Suffolk Near Blyford
Bodmin IX Bodmin 5c CON Cornwall  
Bolton XXI Bolton 8c LAN Lancashire  
Bootle XXV Bootle 10b CUL Cumbria  
Bosmere XII Bosmere 4a SFK Suffolk Near Coddenham
Boston XIV Boston 7a LIN Lincoln  
Bourne XIV Bourn 7a LIN Lincoln Now spelt Bourne
Bps Stortford VI Bps Stortford 3a ESS, HRT Essex  
Brackley XV Brackley 3b BKM, NTH, OXF Northampton  
Bradfield VI Bradfield 2c BRK, OXF Berkshire  
Bradford on Avon VIII Bradford Wilts 5a SOM, WIL Wiltshire  
Bradford Y XXIII Bradford Yorks 9b WRY West Yorkshire  
Braintree XII Braintree 4a ESS Essex  
    Bramham   WRY West Yorkshire  
    Bramley 9b WRY South Yorkshire  
Brampton XXV Brampton 10b CUL Cumbria  
Brecknock XXVI Brecknock 11b BRE Powis Near Llangorse
Brentford III Brentford 3a MDX Greater London  
Bridge V Bridge 2a KEN Kent  
Bridgend XXVI Bridgend 11a GLA Mid Glamorgan  
Bridgnorth XVIII Bridgnorth 6a SAL Salop  
Bridgwater X Bridgwater 5c SOM Somerset  
Bridlington XXIII Bridlington 9d ERY Humberside  
Bridport VIII Bridport 5a DOR Dorset  
Brighton VII Brighton 2b SSX East Sussex  
Bristol XI Bristol 6a GLS Avon  
Brixworth XV Brixworth 3b NTH Northampton  
Bromley V Bromley 2a KEN Greater London  
Bromsgrove XVIII Bromsgrove 6c SAL, STS, WOR Hereford & Worcester  
Bromyard XXVI Bromyard 6a HEF, WOR Hereford & Worcester  
Buckingham VI Buckingham 3a BKM, OXF Buckingham  
    Bucklow   CHS Cheshire Near Altrincham
Builth XXVI Builth 11b BRE, RAD Powis  
Burnley XXI Burnley 8e LAN, WRY Lancashire  
Burton upon Trent XVII Burton On Trent 6b DBY, STS Stafford  
Bury XXI Bury 8c LAN Greater Manchester  
Bury St Edmunds XIII Bury St Edmunds 4a SFK Suffolk  
Caernarvon XXVII Carnarvon 11b AGY, CAE Gwynedd Spelt Caernarvon
Caistor XIV Caistor 7a LIN Lincoln  
Calne VIII Calne 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Camberwell IV Camberwell 1d LND Greater London  
Cambridge XIV Cambridge 3b CAM Cambridge  
Camelford IX Camelford 5c CON Cornwall  
    Cannock 6b STS Stafford  
Canterbury V Canterbury 2a KEN Kent  
Cardiff XXVI Cardiff 11a GLA, MON South Glamorgan  
Cardigan XXVII Cardigan 11b CGN, PEM Dyfed  
Carlisle XXV Carlisle 10b CUL Cumbria  
Carmarthen XXVI Carmarthen 11a CMN Dyfed  
Castle Ward XXV Castle Ward 10b NBL Tyne & Wear Near Ponteland
    Castleford   WRY West Yorkshire  
Catherington VII Catherington 2c HAM Hampshire  
Caxton XIV Caxton 3b CAM, HUN Cambridge  
Cerne VIII       Dorset  
Chapel en le Frith XIX Chapel En Le Frith 7b DBY Derby  
Chard X Chard 5c DEV, DOR, SOM Somerset  
Cheadle XVII Cheadle 6b STS Stafford  
Chelmsford XII Chelmsford 4a ESS Essex  
Chelsea III Chelsea 1a LND Greater London  
Cheltenham XI Cheltenham 6a GLS Gloucester  
Chepstow XXVI Chepstow 11a GLS, MON Gwent  
Chertsey IV Chertsey 2a SRY Surrey  
    Chester 8a CHS, FLN Cheshire  
Chester le Street XXIV Chester Le Street 10a DUR Durham  
Chesterfield XIX Chesterfield 7b DBY Derby  
Chesterton XIV Chesterton 3b CAM Cambridge  
Chichester VII Chichester 2b SSX West Sussex  
Chippenham VIII Chippenham 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Chipping Norton XVI Chipping Norton 3a GLS, OXF, WAR Gloucester  
Chipping Sodbury XI Chipping Sodbury 6a GLS Avon  
Chorley XXI Chorley 8e LAN Lancashire  
Chorlton XX Chorlton 8c LAN Greater Manchester  
Christchurch VIII Christchurch 2b HAM Dorset  
Church Streetton XVIII Church Stretton 6a SAL Salop  
Cirencester XI Cirencester 6a GLS, WIL Gloucester  
City of London I     LND Greater London  
City of Westminster I     LND Greater London  
Cleobury Mortimer XVIII Cleobury Mortimer 6a HEF, SAL, WOR Salop  
Clerkenwell III Clerkenwell 1b LND Greater London  
Clifton XI Clifton 6a GLS Avon  
Clitheroe XXI Clitheroe 8e LAN, WRY Lancashire  
Clun XVIII Clun 6a MGY, SAL Salop  
Clutton XI Clutton 5c SOM Avon  
Cockermouth XXV Cockermouth 10b CUL Cumbria  
Colchester XII Colchester 4a ESS Essex  
Congleton XIX Congleton 8a CHS, STS Cheshire  
Conway XXVII Conway 11b CAE, DEN Gwynedd Now spelt Conwy
Cookham VI Cookham 2c BRK Berkshire  
Corwen XXVII Corwen 11b DEN, MER Clwyd  
Cosford XII Cosford 4a SFK Suffolk Near Hadleigh
Coventry XVI Coventry 6d WAR West Midlands  
Cranbrook V Cranbrook 2a KEN, SSX Kent  
Crediton X Crediton 5b DEV Devon  
Crickhowell XXVI Crickhowell 11b BRE Powis  
Cricklade VIII Cricklade 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Croydon IV Croydon 2a SRY Greater London  
Cuckfield VII Cuckfield 2b SSX West Sussex  
Darlington XXIV Darlington 10a DUR, NRY Durham  
Dartford V Dartford 2a KEN Kent  
Daventry XV Daventry 3b NTH Northampton  
Depwade XIII Depwade 4b NFK, SFK Norfolk Near Harlesten
Derby XIX Derby 7b DBY Derby  
Devizes VIII Devizes 5a WIL Wiltshire  
    Devonport   DEV Devon  
Dewsbury XXII Dewsbury 9b WRY West Yorkshire  
Docking XIII Docking 4b NFK Norfolk  
Dolgelly XXVII Dolgelly 11b MER, MGY Gwynedd Now spelt Dolgellau
Doncaster XXII Doncaster 9c LIN, NTT, WRY South Yorkshire  
Dorchester VIII Dorchester 5a DOR Dorset  
Dorking IV Dorking 2a SRY Surrey  
Dover V Dover 2a KEN Kent  
Downham XIII Downham 4b CAM, NFK Cambridge  
Driffield XXIII Driffield 9d ERY Humberside Near Great Driffield
Droitwich XVIII Droitwich 6c WOR Worcester  
Droxford VII Droxford 2c HAM Hampshire  
Dudley XVIII Dudley 6c STS, WOR West Midlands  
Dulverton X Dulverton 5c DEV, SOM Somerset  
Dunmow XII Dunmow 4a ESS Essex Near Great Dunmow
Durham XXIV Durham 10a DUR Durham  
Dursley XI Dursley 6a GLS, WIL Gloucester  
Easington XXIV Easington 10a DUR Durham  
Easingwold XXIV Easingwold 9d GLS, WIL North Yorkshire  
East Ashford V E Ashford 2a KEN Kent Near Ashford
East Grinstead VII East Grinstead 2b SRY, SSX West Sussex  
East London II East London 1c LND Greater London  
    East Preston 2b SSX West Sussex  
East Retford XV East Retford 7b NTT Nottingham  
East Stonehouse IX East Stonehouse 5b DEV Devon Near Stonehouse
East Ward XXV East Ward 10b WES Cumbria Near Appleby
Eastbourne VII Eastbourne 2b SSX East Sussex  
Easthampstead VI E Hampstead 2c BRK Berkshire  
Eastry V Eastry 2a KEN Kent  
Ecclesall Bierlow XXII Ecclesall 9c DBY, WRY South Yorkshire Near Dore
Ecclesfield XXII     WRY West Yorkshire Near Roystone
Edmonton III Edmonton 3a ESS, HRT, MDX Greater London  
Elham V Elham 2a KEN Kent  
Ellesmere XVIII Ellesmere 6a FLN, SAL Salop  
Ely XIV Ely 3b CAM, NFK Cambridge  
Epping XII Epping 4a ESS Essex  
Epsom IV Epsom 2a SRY Surrey  
Erpingham XIII Erpingham 4b NFK Norfolk  
Eton VI Eton 3a BKM Berkshire  
Evesham XVIII Evesham 6c GLS, WOR Hereford & Worcester  
Exeter X Exeter 5b DEV Devon  
Falmouth IX Falmouth 5c CON Cornwall  
Fareham VII Fareham 2b HAM Hampshire  
Faringdon VI Faringdon 2c BRK, GLS, OXF, WIL Oxford  
Farnboro IV Farnborough 2a HAM, SRY Hampshire  
Farnham IV Farnham 2a HAM, SRY Surrey  
Faversham V Faversham 2a KEN Kent  
Ffestiniog XXVII Festiniog 11b CAE, MER Gwynedd Now spelt Ffestiniog
Flegg XIII Fleggs 4b NFK Norfolk Nr Burgh St. Margaret
Foleshill XVI Foleshill 6d WAR West Midlands  
    Forden 11b MGY, SAL Powys  
Fordingbridge VIII Fordingbridge 2b HAM, WIL Hampshire  
Forehoe XIII Forehoe 4b NFK Norfolk Near Wymondham
Freebridge Lynn XIII Freebridge Lynn 4b NFK Norfolk Near Gayton
Frome X Frome 5c SOM Somerset  
    Fulham 1a LND Greater London  
Fylde XXI Fylde 8e LAN Lancashire Nr Poulton-le-Fylde
Gainsborough XIV Gainsboro 7a LIN, NTT Lincoln Spelt Gainsborough
Garstang XXI Garstang 8e LAN Lancashire  
Gateshead XXIV Gateshead 10a DUR Tyne & Wear  
Glanford Brigg XIV Glanford Brigg 7a LIN Lincoln Near Winterton
Glendale XXV Glendale 10b NBL Northumberland Near Ford
    Glossop   DBY Derby  
Gloster XI Gloucester 6a GLS Gloucester  
Godstone IV Godstone 2a SRY Surrey  
Goole XXIII Goole 9c LIN, WRY Humberside  
Gower XXVI Gower 11a GLA West Glamorgan Near Gowerton
Grantham XIV Grantham 7a LEI, LIN Lincoln  
Gravesend V Gravesend 2a KEN Kent  
Great Boughton XIX Great Boughton 8a CHS, FLN Cheshire Near Chester
    Great Ouseburn 9a NRY, WRY North Yorkshire  
Greenwich V Greenwich 1d LND Greater London  
    Grimsby   LIN Humberside  
Guildford IV Guildford 2a SRY Surrey  
Guiltcross XIII Guiltcross 4b NFK Norfolk Near Banham
Guisboro XXIV Guisborough 9d NRY Cleveland  
Hackney III Hackney 1b LND Greater London  
Hailsham VII Hailsham 2b SSX East Sussex  
Halifax XXII Halifax 9a WRY West Yorkshire  
Halstead XII Halstead 4a ESS Essex  
Haltwhistle XXV Haltwhistle 10b NBL Northumberland  
Hambledon IV Hambledon 2a SRY, SSX Surrey  
    Hammersmith   LND Greater London  
Hampstead III Hampstead 1a LND Greater London  
Hardingstone XV Hardingstone 3b NTH Northampton  
Hartismere XIII Hartismere 4a SFK Suffolk Near Eye
    Hartlepool 10a DUR Cleveland  
Hartley Wintney VII Hartley Wintney 2c HAM Hampshire  
Haslingden XXI Haslingden 8e LAN Lancashire  
Hastings VII Hastings 2b SSX East Sussex  
Hatfield VI Hatfield 3a HRT Hertford  
Havant VII Havant 2b HAM Hampshire  
Haverfordwest XXVI Haverfordwest 11a PEM Dyfed  
    Hawarden   FLN Clwyd  
Hay XXVI Hay 11b BRE, HEF, RAD Powis  
Hayfield XIX Hayfield 7b CHS, DBY Derby  
Headington XVI Headington 3a BKM, OXF Oxford  
Helmsley XXIV Helmsley 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Helston IX Helston 5c CON Cornwall  
Hemel Hempstead VI Hemel Hempstead 3a HRT Hertford  
Hemsworth XXII Hemsworth 9c WRY West Yorkshire  
Hendon III Hendon 3a MDX Greater London  
Henley XVI Henley 3a BRK, BKM, OXF Oxford  
Henstead XIII Henstead 4b NFK Norfolk Near Norwich
Hereford XXVI Hereford 6a HEF, MON Hereford  
Hertford VI Hertford 3a HRT Hertford  
Hexham XXV Hexham 10b NBL Northumberland  
Highworth VIII Highworth 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Hinckley XV Hinckley 7a LEI, WAR Leicester  
Hingsdon         Hampshire or Sussex  
Hitchin VI Hitchin 3a BDF, HRT Hertford  
Holbeach XIV Holbeach 7a LIN Lincoln  
    Holbeck 9b WRY West Yorkshire Near Beeston
Holborn II Holborn 1b LND Greater London  
Hollingbourne V Hollingbourn 2a KEN Kent  
Holsworthy IX Holsworthy 5b CON, DEV Devon  
    Holyhead 11b AGY Gwynedd  
Holywell XXVII Holywell 11b DEN, FLN Clwyd  
Honiton X Honiton 5b DEV Devon  
Hoo V Hoo 2a KEN Kent  
Horncastle XIV Horncastle 7a LIN Lincoln  
Horsham VII Horsham 2b SSX West Sussex  
Houghton le Spr XXIV Houghton le Spring 10a DUR Tyne & Wear  
Howden XXIII Howden 9d ERY Humberside  
Hoxne XIII Hoxne 4a NFK, SFK Suffolk  
Huddersfield XXII Huddersfield 9a WRY West Yorkshire  
Hull XXII Hull 9d ERY Humberside Nr Kingston-upon-Hull
Hungerford VI Hungerford 2c BRK, HAM, WIL Berkshire  
Hunslet XXIII Hunslet 9b WRY West Yorkshire Near Rothwell
Huntingdon XIV Huntingdon 3b HUN Cambridge  
I of Wight VIII Isle Of Wight 2b HAM Isle of Wight  
Ipswich XII Ipswich 4a SFK Suffolk  
Islington III Islington 1b LND Greater London  
Keighley XXIII Keighley 9a WRY West Yorkshire  
Kendal XXV Kendal 10b LAN, WES Cumbria  
Kensington III Kensington 1a LND Greater London  
Kettering XV Kettering 3b NTH Northampton  
Keynsham XI Keynsham 5c GLS, SOM Avon  
Kidderminster XVIII Kidderminster 6c SAL, STS, WOR Worcester  
Kings Lynn XIII Kings Lynn 4b NFK Norfolk  
Kings Norton XVIII King's Norton 6c STS, WAR, WOR West Midlands  
Kingsbridge IX Kingsbridge 5b DEV Devon  
Kingsclere VII Kingsclere 5b HAM Hampshire  
Kingston IV Kingston 2a MDX, SRY Greater London  
    Kington 6a HEF, RAD Hereford  
    Kirk Deighton   WRY North Yorkshire  
    Kirkstall   WRY West Yorkshire  
Knaresboro XXIII Knaresborough 9a WRY North Yorkshire  
Knighton XXVI Knighton 11b HEF, RAD, SAL Powis  
Lambeth IV Lambeth 1d LND Greater London  
Lampeter XXVII Lampeter 11b CAE, CMN Dyfed  
Lancaster XXI Lancaster 8e LAN Lancashire  
    Lanchester 10a DUR Durham  
Langport X Langport 5c SOM Somerset  
Launceston IX Launceston 5c CON, DEV Cornwall  
Ledbury XXVI Ledbury 6a HEF, WOR Hereford & Worcester  
Leeds XXIII Leeds 9b WRY West Yorkshire  
    Leeds N   WRY West Yorkshire Near Gildersome
    Leeds S   WRY West Yorkshire Near Kirkstall
Leek XVII Leek 6b STS Stafford  
Leicester XV Leicester 7a LEI Leicester  
Leigh XXI Leigh 8c LAN Greater Manchester  
Leighton B VI Leighton Buzzard 3b BDF, BKM Bedford  
Leominster XXVI Leominster 6a HEF Hereford & Worcester  
Lewes VII Lewes 2b SSX East Sussex  
Lewisham V Lewisham 1d LND Greater London  
Lexden XII Lexden 4a ESS Essex Near Stanway
Leyburn XXIV Leyburn 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Lichfield XVII Lichfield 6b STS Stafford  
Lincoln XIV Lincoln 7a LIN Lincoln  
Linton XIV Linton 3b CAM, ESS Cambridge  
Liskeard IX Liskeard 5c CON Cornwall  
Liverpool XX Liverpool 8b LAN Merseyside  
    Liverpool N   LAN Merseyside Near Childwall
    Liverpool S   LAN Merseyside In Liverpool
Llandilofawr XXVI Llandilofawr 11a CMN Dyfed Near Llandeilo
Llandovery XXVI Llandovery 11a BRE, CMN Dyfed  
Llanelly XXVI Llanelly 11a CMN, GLA Gwent  
Llanfyllin XXVII Llanfyllin 11b DEN, MGY Powys  
Llanrwst XXVII Llanrwst 11b CAE, DEN Gwynedd  
Loddon XIII Loddon 4b NFK Norfolk  
London II London City 1c LND Greater London  
    Long Ashton   SOM Avon  
Longtown XXV Longtown 10b CUL Cumbria  
Loughboro XV Loughborough 7a LEI, NTT Leicester  
Louth XIV Louth 7a LIN Lincoln  
Ludlow XVIII Ludlow 6a HEF, SAL Salop  
Lunesdale XXI Lunesdale 8e LAN Lancashire Near Arkholme
Luton VI Luton 3b BDF, HRT Bedford  
Lutterworth XV Lutterworth 7a LEI, NTH, WAR Leicester  
Lymington VIII Lymington 2b HAM Hampshire  
Macclesfield XIX Macclesfield 8a CHS Cheshire  
Machynlleth XXVII Machynlleth 11b CAE, MER, MGY Powys  
Madeley XVIII Madeley 6a SAL Salop  
    Maidenhead   BRK Berkshire  
Maidstone V Maidstone 2a KEN Kent  
Maldon XII Maldon 4a ESS Essex  
Malling V Malling 2a KEN Kent Near West Malling
Malmesbury VIII Malmesbury 5a GLS, WIL Wiltshire  
Malton XXIV Malton 9d ERY, NRY North Yorkshire  
Manchester XX Manchester 8d LAN Greater Manchester  
    Manchester N   LAN Greater Manchester Near Prestwich
    Manchester S   LAN Greater Manchester Near Chorlton
Mansfield XV Mansfield 7b DBY, NTT Nottingham  
Market Bosworth XV     LEI Leicester  
Market Drayton XVIII Market Drayton 6a CHS, SAL, STS Salop  
Market Harborough XV     LEI, NTH Leicester  
Marlboro VIII Marlborough 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Martley XVIII Martley 6c WOR Worcester  
Marylebone I Marylebone 1a LND Greater London  
Medway V Medway 2a KEN Kent Near Chatham
Melksham VIII Melksham 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Melton Mowbray XV Melton Mowbray 7a LEI, NTT Leicester  
Mere VIII Mere 5a DOR, SOM, WIL Wiltshire  
Meriden XVI Meriden 6d WAR West Midlands  
Merthyr Tydfil XXVI Merthyr Tydfil 11a BRE, GLA Mid Glamorgan  
    Middlesborough 9d NRY, DUR Cleveland  
Midhurst VII Midhurst 2b HAM, SSX West Sussex  
Mildenhall XIII Mildenhall 4a SFK Suffolk  
    Mile End 1c LND Greater London  
Milton V Milton 2a KEN Kent Near Sittingbourne
Mitford XIII Mitford 4b NFK Norfolk Near East Dereham
Mkt Bosworth XV Mkt Bosworth 7a LEI Leicester  
Mkt Drayton XVIII     CHS, SAL, STS Salop  
Mkt Harborough XV Mkt Harborough 7a LEI, NTH Leicester  
Monmouth XXVI Monmouth 11a GLS, HEF, MON Gwent  
Montgomery XXVII Montgomery 11b MGY, SAL Powys  
Morpeth XXV Morpeth 10b DUR, NBL Northumberland  
Mutford XIII Mutford 4a SFK Suffolk  
N Aylesford V N Aylesford 2a KEN Kent Near Strood
N Witchford XIV N Witchford 3b CAM Cambridge Near Chatteris
Nantwich XIX Nantwich 8a CHS Cheshire  
Narberth XXVI Narberth 11a CMN, PEM Dyfed  
Neath XXVI Neath 11a BRE, GLA West Glamorgan  
New Forest VIII New Forest 2b HAM, WIL Hampshire Near Eling
Newark XV Newark 7b LIN, NTT Nottingham Near Newark-on-Trent
Newbury VI Newbury 2c BRK, HAM Berkshire  
Newcastle in Emlyn XXVI Newcastle Emlyn 11b CAE, CMN, PEM Dyfed  
Newcastle under Lyme XVII Newcastle L 6b STS Stafford  
Newcastle upon Tyne XXV Newcastle On Tyne 10b NBL Tyne & Wear  
Newent XI Newent 6a GLS, HEF Gloucester  
Newington St Mary IV Newington 1d LND Greater London  
Newmarket XIV Newmarket 3b CAM, SFK Suffolk  
Newport XVIII Newport Salop 6a SAL, STS Salop  
Newport Mon XXVI Newport Mon 11a GLA, MON Gwent  
Newport Pagnell VI Newport Pagnell 3a BKM, NTH Buckingham  
Newton Abbott X Newton Abbot 5b DEV Devon  
Newtown XXVII Newtown 11b MGY Powys  
North Aylesford V     KEN Kent Near Strood
    North Bierley   WRY West Yorkshire Near Bierley
North Witchford XIV     CAM Cambridge Near Chatteris
Northallerton XXIV Northallerton 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Northampton XV Northampton 3b NTH Northampton  
Northleach XI Northleach 6a GLS Gloucester  
Northwich XIX Northwich 8a CHS Cheshire  
Norwich XII Norwich 4b NFK Norfolk  
Nottingham XV Nottingham 7b NTT Nottingham  
Nuneaton XVI Nuneaton 6d WAR, LEI Warwick  
Oakham XV Oakham 7a LEI, RUT Leicester  
Okehampton X Okehampton 5b DEV Devon  
Oldham XX Oldham 8d LAN Greater Manchester  
Ongar XII Ongar 4a ESS Essex Nr Chipping Ongar
Ormskirk XXI Ormskirk 8b LAN Lancashire  
Orsett XII Orsett 4a ESS Essex  
Oswestry XVIII Oswestry 6a DEN, SAL Salop  
Otley XVIII Otley 9a WRY West Yorkshire  
Oundle XV Oundle 3b HUN, NTH Northampton  
Oxford XVI Oxford 3a BRK, OXF Oxford  
    Paddington 1a LND Greater London  
Pancras I Pancras 1b LND Greater London  
Pateley Bridge XXIII Pateley Bridge 9a WRY North Yorkshire  
Patrington XXIII Patrington 9d ERY Humberside  
Pembroke XXVI Pembroke 11a PEM Dyfed  
Penkridge XVII Penkridge 6b STS Stafford  
Penrith XXV Penrith 10b CUL Cumbria  
Penzance IX Penzance 5c CON Cornwall  
Pershore XVIII Pershore 6c WOR Worcester  
Peterborough XV Peterboro 3b CAM, HUN, LIN, NTH Cambridge Spelt Peterborough
Petersfield VII Petersfield 2c HAM, SSX Hampshire  
Petworth VII Petworth 2b SSX West Sussex  
Pewsey VIII Pewsey 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Pickering XXIV Pickering 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Plomesgate XII Plomesgate 4a SFK Suffolk Nr Wickham Market
Plymouth IX Plymouth 5b DEV Devon  
Plympton St Mary IX Plympton St M 5b CON, DEV Devon  
Pocklington XXIII Pocklington 9d ERY Humberside  
    Pontardawe 11a BRE, GLA West Glamorgan  
Pontefract XXII Pontefract 9c WRY West Yorkshire  
Pontypool XXVI Pontypool 11a MON Gwent  
Pontypridd XXVI Pontypridd 11a GLA Mid Glamorgan  
Poole VIII Poole 5a DOR Dorset  
Poplar II Poplar 1c LND Greater London  
Portsea Island VII Portsea I. 2b HAM Hampshire  
    Portsmouth   HAM Hampshire  
Potterspury XV Potterspury 3b BKM, NTH Northampton  
Prescot XX Prescot 8b LAN Merseyside  
Presteigne XXVI Presteigne 11b HEF, RAD Powys  
Preston XXI Preston 8e LAN Lancashire  
    Prestwich 8d LAN Greater Manchester  
Pwllheli XXVII Pwllheli 11b CAE Gwynedd  
Radford XV Radford 7b NTT Nottingham In Nottingham
Reading VI Reading 2c BRK Berkshire  
Redruth IX Redruth 5c CON Cornwall  
Reeth XXIV Reeth 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Reigate IV Reigate 2a SRY Surrey  
Rhayder XXVI Rhyader 11b BRE, RAD Powis Now spelt Rhayader
Richmond Y XXIV Richmond 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Richmond IV Richmond 2a SRY Surrey  
Ringwood VIII Ringwood 2b HAM Hampshire  
Ripon XXIII Ripon 9a NRY, WRY North Yorkshire  
Risbridge XII Risbridge 4a CAM, ESS, SFK Suffolk Near Wickhambrook
Rochdale XXI Rochdale 8e LAN Greater Manchester  
Rochford XII Rochford 4a ESS Essex  
Romford XII Romford 4a ESS Greater London  
Romney Marsh V Romney Marsh 2a KEN Kent Near Lydd
Romsey VII Romsey 2c HAM, WIL Hampshire  
Ross XXVI Ross 6a GLS, HEF Hereford  
Rothbury XXV Rothbury 10b NBL Northumberland  
Rotherham XXII Rotherham 9c DBY, WRY South Yorkshire  
Rotherhithe IV Rotherhithe 1d LND Greater London  
Royston VI Royston 3a CAM, ESS, HRT Hertford  
Rugby XVI Rugby 6d LEI, NTH, WAR Warwick  
Runcorn XIX Runcorn 8a CHS Cheshire  
Ruthin XXVII Ruthin 11b DEN Clwyd  
Rye VII Rye 2b KEN, SSX East Sussex  
S Albans VI     HRT Hertford  
S Asaph XXVII     FLN Clwyd  
S Austell IX     CON Cornwall  
S Columb IX     CON Cornwall  
S Faith XIII     NFK Norfolk Near Sprowston
S Geo East II     LND Greater London  
S Geo Han Sq I     LND Greater London  
S Geo Sthwk IV     LND Greater London  
S Germans IX     CON Cornwall  
S Giles I     LND Greater London  
S Ives XIV     CAM, HUN Cambridge  
S James (Westminster) I     LND Greater London  
S Lukes II     LND Greater London  
S Martin I     LND Greater London  
    S Martin (in the Fields)   LND Greater London  
S Marylebone I     LND Greater London  
S Neots XIV     BDF, CAM, HUN Cambridge  
    S Olave (Bermondsey)   LND Greater London  
S Olaves IV S Olave (Southwark)   LND Greater London  
S Pancras I     LND Greater London  
S Saviour (Southwark) IV     LND Greater London  
S Stoneham VII S Stoneham 2c HAM Hampshire Near Southampton
S Thomas X     DEV Devon Near Exmouth
Saddleworth XXIII Saddleworth 9a WRY Greater Manchester  
Saffn Walden XII Saffron Walden 4a ESS Essex  
Salford XX Salford 8d LAN Greater Manchester  
Salisbury VIII Salisbury 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Samford XII Samford 4a SFK Suffolk Near Holbrook
Scarboro XXIV Scarborough 9d ERY, NRY North Yorkshire  
Scilly Islands IX Scilly 5c CON Cornwall  
Sculcoates XXII Sculcoates 9d ERY Humberside Near Hedon
Sedbergh XXIII Sedbergh 9a WRY Cumbria  
    Sedgefield   DUR Durham  
Selby XXIII Selby 9c ERY, WRY North Yorkshire  
Settle XXIII Settle 9a WRY North Yorkshire  
Sevenoaks V Sevenoaks 2a KEN Kent  
Shaftesbury VIII Shaftesbury 5a DOR Dorset  
Shardlow XIX Shardlow 7b DBY, LEI, NTT Derby  
Sheffield XXII Sheffield 9c WRY South Yorkshire  
Sheppey V Sheppey 2a KEN Kent Near Minster
Shepton Mallet X Shepton Mallet 5c SOM Somerset  
Sherborne VIII Sherborne 5a DOR, SOM Dorset  
Shifnal XVIII Shiffnal 6a SAL, STS Salop Now spelt Shifnal
Shipston on Stour XI Shipton On S 6d GLS, WAR, WOR Warwick  
    Shitlington   BDF Bedford Near Ampthill
Shoreditch II Shoreditch 1c LND Greater London  
Shrewsbury XVIII Shrewsbury 6a SAL Salop  
Skipton XVIII Skipton 9a WRY North Yorkshire  
Skirlaugh XVII Skirlaugh 9d ERY Humberside Near Brandsburton
Sleaford XIV Sleaford 7a LIN Lincoln  
    Smallburgh 4b NFK Norfolk  
Solihull XVI Solihull 6d WAR West Midlands  
South Molton X South Molton 5b DEV Devon  
South Shields XXIV South Shields 10a DUR Tyne & Wear  
South Stoneham VII     HAM Hampshire Near Southampton
Southam XVI Southam 6d NTH, WAR Warwick  
Southampton VII Southampton 2c HAM Hampshire  
Southwark II     LND Greater London  
Southwell XV Southwell 7b NTT Nottingham  
Spalding XIV Spalding 7a LIN Lincoln  
Spilsby XIV Spilsby 7a LIN Lincoln  
St Albans VI St Albans 3a HRT Hertford  
St Asaph XXVII St Asaph 11b FLN Clwyd  
St Austell IX St Austell 5c CON Cornwall  
St Columb IX St Columb 5c CON Cornwall  
St Faith XIII St Faith's 4b NFK Norfolk Near Sprowston
St Geo East II St Geo East 1c LND Greater London  
St Geo Han Sq I St Geo Han Sq 1a LND Greater London  
St Geo Sthwk IV St George South'k 1d LND Greater London  
St Germans IX St Germans 5c CON Cornwall  
St Giles I St Giles 1b LND Greater London  
St Ives XIV St Ives 3b CAM, HUN Cambridge  
St James (Westminster) I St James 1a LND Greater London  
St Lukes II St Luke's 1b LND Greater London  
St Martin I St Martin's 1a LND Greater London  
    St Martin (in the Fields)   LND Greater London  
St Marylebone I     LND Greater London  
St Neots XIV St Neots 3b BDF, CAM, HUN Cambridge  
St Olaves IV St Olave 1d LND Greater London  
St Pancras I     LND Greater London  
St Saviour (Southwark) IV St Saviour 1d LND Greater London  
St Thomas X St Thomas 5b DEV Devon Near Exmouth
Stafford XVII Stafford 6b STS Stafford  
Staines III Staines 3a MDX Surrey  
Stamford XIV Stamford 7a HUN, LIN, NTH, RUT Lincoln  
Stepney II Stepney 1c LND Greater London  
Steyning VII Steyning 2b SSX West Sussex  
Stockbridge VII Stockbridge 2c HAM, WIL Hampshire  
Stockport XIX Stockport 8a CHS, LAN Greater Manchester  
Stockton XXIV Stockton 10a DUR, NRY Cleveland  
Stoke and Wolstanton XVII     STS Stafford  
Stoke Damerel IX Stoke Damerel 5b DEV Devon Near Devonport
Stoke on Tt XVII Stoke On Trent 6b STS Stafford  
Stokesley XXIV Stokesley 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Stone XVII Stone 6b STS Stafford  
Stourbridge XVIII Stourbridge 6c SAL, STS, WAR, WOR West Midlands  
Stow XII Stow 4a SFK Suffolk  
Stow on Wold XI Stow In The Wold 6a GLS, WOR Gloucester  
Strand I Strand 1b LND Greater London  
Stratford on A XVI Stratford On Avon 6d GLS, WAR, WOR Warwick  
Stratton IX Stratton 5c CON Cornwall  
    Strood 2a KEN Kent  
Stroud XI Stroud 6a GLS Gloucester  
Sturminster VIII Sturminster 5a DOR Dorset  
Sudbury XII Sudbury 4a ESS, SFK Greater London  
Sunderland XXIV Sunderland 10a DUR Tyne & Wear  
Swaffham XIII Swaffham 4b NFK Norfolk  
Swansea XXVI Swansea 11a GLA West Glamorgan  
Swindon VIII     WIL Wiltshire  
Tadcaster XXIII Tadcaster 9c WRY North Yorkshire  
Tamworth XVI Tamworth 6b DBY, STS, WAR Stafford  
Taunton X Taunton 5c DEV, SOM Somerset  
Tavistock IX Tavistock 5b CON, DEV Devon  
Teesdale XXIV Teesdale 10a DUR, NRY Durham Near Barnard Castle
Tenbury XVIII Tenbury 6c HEF, SAL, WOR Worcester  
Tendring XII Tendring 4a ESS Essex  
Tenterden V Tenterden 2a KEN Kent  
Tetbury XI Tetbury 6a GLS, WIL Gloucester  
Tewkesbury XI Tewkesbury 6a GLS, WOR Gloucester  
Thakeham VII Thakeham 2b SSX West Sussex  
Thame XVI Thame 3a BKM, OXF Oxford  
Thanet I of V Thanet 2a KEN Kent  
Thetford XIII Thetford 4b NFK, SFK Norfolk  
Thingoe XIII Thingoe 4a SFK Suffolk Near Rougham
Thirsk XXIV Thirsk 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Thornbury XI Thornbury 6a GLS Gloucester  
Thorne XXIII Thorne 9c LIN, WRY South Yorkshire  
Thrapston XV Thrapston 3b HUN, NTH Northampton  
Ticehurst VII Ticehurst 2b KEN, SSX East Sussex  
Tisbury VIII Tisbury 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Tiverton X Tiverton 5b DEV, SOM Devon  
Todmorden XXI Todmorden 9a LAN, WRY West Yorkshire  
Torrington X Torrington 5b DEV Devon  
Totnes IX Totnes 5b DEV Devon  
Towcester XV Towcester 3b NTH Northampton  
    Toxteth Park 8b LAN Merseyside In Liverpool
Tregaron XXVII Tregaron 11b CAE Dyfed  
Truro IX Truro 5c CON Cornwall  
Tunbridge V Tunbridge 2a KEN, SSX Kent Nr Royal Tunbridge Wells
Tunstead XIII Tunstead 4b NFK Norfolk  
Tynemouth XXV Tynemouth 10b NBL Tyne & Wear  
Uckfield VII Uckfield 2b SSX East Sussex  
Ulverston XXV Ulverston 8e LAN Cumbria  
Uppingham XV Uppingham 7a LEI, NTH, RUT Leicester  
Upton on Severn XVIII Upton On Severn 6c WOR Worcester  
Uttoxeter XVII Uttoxeter 6b DBY, STS Stafford  
Uxbridge III Uxbridge 3a MDX Greater London  
W Ashford V W Ashford 2a KEN Kent Near Ashford
W Bromwich XVIII     SAL, STS, WOR West Midlands  
W Derby XX     LAN Merseyside  
W Ham XII     ESS Greater London  
    W Hampnett 2b SSX West Sussex  
W London II     LND Greater London  
W Ward XXV     WES Cumbria Near Lowther
Wakefield XXII Wakefield 9c WRY West Yorkshire  
Wallingford VI Wallingford 2c BRK Oxford  
Walsall XVII Walsall 6b STS West Midlands  
Walsingham XIII Walsingham 4b NFK Norfolk Nr Little Walsingham
Wandsworth IV Wandsworth 1d LND Greater London  
Wangford XIII Wangford 4a SFK Suffolk Near Bungay
Wantage VI Wantage 2c BRK Oxford  
Ware VI Ware 3a HRT Hertford  
Wareham VIII Wareham 5a DOR Dorset  
Warminster VIII Warminster 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Warrington XX Warrington 8c CHS, LAN Merseyside  
Warwick XVI Warwick 6d WAR Warwick  
Watford VI Watford 3a HRT Hertford  
Wayland XIII Wayland 4b NFK Norfolk Near Attleborough
Weardale XXIV Weardale 10a DUR Durham Near Wolsingham
Wellingboro XV Wellingborough 3b BDF, NTH Northampton  
Wellington XVIII Wellington Som 5c DEV, SOM Somerset  
Wellington X Wellington Salop 6a SAL Salop  
Wells X Wells 5c SOM Somerset  
Wem XVIII Wem 6a SAL Salop  
Weobly XXVI Weobly 6a HEF, WOR Hereford Now spelt Weobley
West Ashford V     KEN Kent Near Ashford
West Bromwich XVIII West Bromwich 6b SAL, STS, WOR West Midlands  
West Derby XX West Derby 8b LAN Mersyside  
West Ham XII West Ham 4a ESS Greater London  
West London II West London 1c LND Greater London  
West Ward XXV West Ward 10b WES Cumbria Near Lowther
Westbourne VII Westbourne 2b SSX West Sussex  
Westbury VIII Westbury 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Westbury on Severn XI Westbury 6a GLS Gloucester  
Westhampnett VII     SSX West Sussex  
Westminster I Westminster 1a LND Greater London  
    Westminster St. Margaret   LND Greater London  
    Wetherby 9a WRY West Yorkshire  
Weymouth VIII Weymouth 5a DOR Dorset  
    Wharfedale 9a WRY West Yorkshire Near Ilkley
Wheatenhurst XI Wheatenhurst 6a GLS Gloucester  
Whitby XXIV Whitby 9d NRY North Yorkshire  
Whitchurch XVIII Whitchurch 6a CHS, FLN, SAL Salop  
Whitchurch VII Whitchurch 2c HAM Hampshire  
Whitechapel II Whitechapel 1c LND Greater London  
Whitehaven XXV Whitehaven 10b CUL Cumbria  
Whittlesey XIV Whittlesey 3b CAM Cambridge  
Wigan XXI Wigan 8c LAN Greater Manchester  
Wigton XXV Wigton 10b CUL Cumbria  
    Willesden   MDX Greater London  
Williton X Williton 5c SOM Somerset  
Wilton VIII Wilton 5a WIL Wiltshire  
Wimborne VIII Wimborne 5a DOR, HAM Dorset  
Wincanton X Wincanton 5c DOR, SOM Somerset  
Winchcombe XI Winchcombe 6a GLS, WOR Gloucester  
Winchester VII Winchester 2c HAM Hampshire  
Windsor VI Windsor 2c BRK, SRY Berkshire  
Winslow VI Winslow 3a BKM Buckingham  
Wirral XIX Wirral 8a CHS Merseyside Near Birkenhead
Wisbech XIV Wisbech 3b CAM, NFK Cambridge  
Witham XII Witham 4a ESS Essex  
Witney XVI Witney 3a BRK, GLS, OXF Oxford  
Woburn VI Woburn 3b BDF Bedford  
Wokingham VI Wokingham 2c BRK, WIL Berkshire  
Wolstanton XVII Wolstanton 6b STS Stafford Near Burslem
Wolverhampton XVII Wolverhampton 6b SAL, STS West Midlands  
Woodbridge XII Woodbridge 4a SFK Suffolk  
Woodstock XVI Woodstock 3a OXF Oxford  
    Woolwich 1d LND Greater London  
Worcester XVIII Worcester 6c WOR Hereford & Worcester  
Worksop XV Worksop 7b DBY, NTT, WRY Nottingham  
Worsley XX     LAN Greater Manchester  
Worthing VII Worthing 2b SSX West Sussex  
Wortley XXII Wortley 9c WRY South Yorkshire  
Wrexham XXVII Wrexham 11b CHS, DEN, FLN Clwyd  
Wycombe VI Wycombe 3a BKM, GLS Buckingham Near High Wycombe
Yarmouth XIII Yarmouth 4b NFK Norfolk Near Great Yarmouth
Yeovil X Yeovil 5c SOM Somerset  
York XXIII York 9d ERY, NRY, WRY North Yorkshire  

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