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Title Author/Compiler Download Size Last Modified
List of Available Documents. Derek Whitmore. Click 15KB. 07 Oct. 2001.
Pedigree charts of the early Whitmores. Derek Whitmore. Click 133KB. 31 Jul. 2001.
Database of English Whitmores. Derek Whitmore. Click 316KB. 03 May 2000.
Database of English Whitmore births and marriages. Wilfred Whitmore. Click 311KB. 03 May 2000.
Whitmore Coat of Arms. Derek Whitmore. Click 459KB. 05 Oct. 1999.
Whitmore Tracts. W. H. Whitmore. Click 231KB. 08 Sep. 2000.
Record of the Descendants of Francis Whitmore, of Cambridge, Mass. W. H. Whitmore. Click 53KB. 08 Sep. 2000.
Genealogy of the Livermore Falls Branch of the Whittemore Family (plus chart). Dr. A. A. Whittemore. Click 36KB. 03 Dec. 2000.
The Whitmore Genealogy. J. W. P. Purdy. Click 260KB. 08 Sep. 2000.
The Wetmore Family of America and its Collateral Branches. J. C. Wetmore. Click 768KB. 25 Mar. 2001.
The Whittemore Genealogy. J. A. W. Ramsay. Click 38KB. 05 Dec. 2000.
A Genealogy of Several Branches of the Whittemore Family. B. B. Whittemore. Click 265KB. 05 Dec. 2000.
Descendants of Francis Whitmore, of Cambridge, Mass. W. H. Whitmore's Cards Click 112KB. 23 Sep. 2001.
The Whittemores of Pembroke. Not Known. Click 12KB. 30 Sep. 2001.
Notes & Traces of the Whitmores. T. C. Whitmore. Click 100KB. 07 Oct. 2001.
Gedcom of some Whitmore/Whittemore/Wetmore J. Proctor Click 299KB. 25 Aug. 2003.

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Grateful thanks to the following who helped contribute to this page:

Ronald B. McComb of Dewey, Arizona.

Robert S. Whitmore of Arcadia, California.

Joan Gilday of Knowlton, QC, Canada.

Maggie Musselman of Michigan/Alabama.

Paula M. Whitmore of Salinces, California.

Judy Jackson of Missouri.

John "Jack" Colwell of Wolfville, NS, Canada.

John Proctor of Stilwell, Kansas.


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